Thursday, June 23, 2011

50's Cross Hatch in Pink and Grey

I'm not one to discriminate. I like vintage frocks. I like second hand frocks. I like new frocks. If the frock is right it just doesn't matter. Obviously a downside to vintage dressing is that ´╗┐there is definitly a degree of wear and tear. Zips are often the first to go closely followed by hems in my experience. This makes for a sure fire bonus when I find a new dress that just looks like it was made 60 years ago. I present you- Exhibit A. A fantastic cross hatch little number from Melbourne. (you can probably guess where I bought based on the last few posts!)

This frock really ticked a lot of boxes for me. The pink, white and grey colour scheme isn't one that I would normally buy into- but the design on the fabric grabbed me right by the eyeballs. The brush strokes are pure 1950's and I sure am a sucker for that era of fashion. The design boasts a flaring skirt (crinoline friendly...tick!) and a flattering neckline. You can't see in the chosen shot I have posted but it is also sleeveless so there are some Summer options on its own- or Winter options with tights and cardies here too. Tick, tick and tick.

Anyone who has read more than a few of my posts can probably tell I have some compulsive shopping issues going on here. I channel it predominantly on clothes, shoes and accessories- but to be honest it doesn't really matter what I buy. The thrill is in the chase of a good bargain obviously but it also seems to be in the very action of handing my money to someone and them handing me something I can take home. I manage this debilitating condition by getting excited about going to the supermarket and spending time in trashy "$2 and more!" type stores. I must admit it can be hard sticking to a rule of "I am not allowed to come home with anything that didn't leave the house with me in the morning". Sounds like an easy rule to stick to- but for people like me it really isn't.

I find that if I put my mind to it I can be quite focused in my restraint. Being allowed to break it is all the more sweeter for it if I do! The trouble with being allowed to break the restraint after tracking so well for so long is that it is literally just giving me back the taste for  it. Stopping my compulsive spending again is extremely difficult at this point. A great example of this (and the reason for this long drawn out explanation of my spending habits) is the shoes in this pic.

I had just come back from Melbourne and was literally giddy with shopping-gasm. This should have been enough to keep me going for a while but no. I had the taste for it again. The day after I got home I was back in The Paper Bag Princess buying this ultra cute pair of pale grey peep toes! I don't exactly need another pair of shoes- but I just couldn't help myself. They were only $14.00 and I quickly justified their existence in the Wardroom by the fact I didn't really have this particular shade of grey represented.

Herein lies the problem. Or alternatively. Herein lies the reason I get to have an entire room full of cool things to dress up in. I will let you decide how you choose to interpret that one...

NB-   I am yet to decide if it justifies my spending behaviours or makes me feel more guilty about it- but it is a very interesting article nonetheless...

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