Friday, June 3, 2011

Another Floral Frock

I have always been a "floral" kindofa girl. My first real word was "Flower".  I have proteas tattooed on my back and I would be very hard pressed to find an outfit that I didn't have a matching hair flower for. It is good to be prepared kids.

Given my penchant for all things flowery this dress was a no brainer. It was a day 1 in Melbourne purchase from the Dangerfield/ Princess Highway/ Revival/ Alannah Hill factory shop on Brunswick St. (I swear if I could pick just 1 store to go to in a Melbourne visit it will always be this one! Committing to just one frock shop is a pretty big deal really...)

A simple spaghetti stapped dress with a tie back waist and a nice frilled detailing on the neckline. The colour scheme (while vaguely predictable) has an interesting background shade of a colour somewhere between beige and cream. Lets call it sand for the sake of this post. Now arguably someone with my pasty complexion shouldn't really be wearing any colour called sand. Thankfully there are so many other colours represented in the floral pattern there was no issues with my legs blending in too much.

I have chosen to match the reds. It seemed to be the easiest option. Red shoes and red bow for my hair with obligatory Christian Dior red lippie. I have since worn this dress again and a red belt doesn't seem to go astray either.  It also works particularly well with my little red riding hood. (I am starting to think that is my most versatile piece purchased in the last year... it goes with so much!)

NB- With most Summery dresses I own- I do that typical girl thing of changing the season just by adding black tights and a black cardi. If you don't already do that it is a great way to double your Winter wardrobe in one easy go.

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