Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Floaty Floral Strapless

It is entirely too easy to justify cute circle skirted dresses. I feel like I am getting double the value of a frock if it means I can fit a crinoline underneath it. It makes the petticoats seem like a reasonable investment and it usually makes me celebrate my smart investment by purchasing something else to be worn with them. (and so the cycle continues....Is it any wonder I need a whole room to hold all this stuff?)

This one was on an entire rack of similar styled frocks. (warehouse factory store on Brunswick St in Fitzroy- Melbourne in case you were wondering...)  Funny - but if they were spread out around the store I might have even bought more than one of them. Because they were all bunched in together I almost got bored of looking through them all. I chose my favourite fabric based on colours featured and what I will be able to wear with it. I was attracted by the light denim blue feel to the base colour. I also like the pen drawn quality of the paisley in the background. Just when you think that is enough to warrant picking the garment from the rack- it hits you straight in the eyeballs with the vintagey roses in shades of coral, burgundy and a buttercup yellow. Sweet.

For this photo I have gone with a white crinoline, black peep toed wedges and a small yellow and white lily in my hair.  I seem to be in this weird gravitational pull towards yellow at the moment so I think I will be focusing more on the beautiful buttercup when accessorising for real.  I can wear it with yellow heels for a night out- or a pale yellow cardi and brown boots for day wear. I think I have justified it enough as a smart purchase now. Almost didn't even mention it was only $25!

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