Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rose Cameo Stripes

You may recall from my last post- that a dress will very easily find it's way home with me if I think I can fit a big fat petticoat under it. Some simply scream for one in fact. Others threaten to not quite fit one. And then there are frocks -like this one- that I buy on their own merits and then am pleasantly surprised when I can fit a crinoline under them too. It really is the little things...

It is another Dangerfield purchase from the factory store. $30.00 of surprise crinoline dress awesomeness.
The fabric has a gothicky quality to it. Black and white stripes always make me think of The Dresden Dolls which may be tied into that as well. I really like the combo of the stripes and the old fashioned cameo-esque rose print featured in the diamonds. 

The dress itself is quite basic. Spaghetti straps and flared skirt with a frill along the hem. It actually has an elasticated waist band too- but as it is a little too big on me I am covering it with a black waist cincher belt. (Everyone should own one of these by the way) I think my favourite feature on this frock has to be the shiney black rose buttons down the bodice. The close up I took really doesn't do them justice at all. Maybe one day we will meet on the street while I'm wearing it and you can be all like- "Hey let me see those buttons" and I can be all like "Ok!" and then you will know what I mean. Till then you may just need to imagine their awesomeness and I will enjoy them enough for both of us.

 As if a crinoline surprise wasn't already enough- I got to have a hair flower surprise on this one too. The flower in my hair is new- and was bought to go with a totally different frock.  It is a beautiful shade of dusky lilac. I learnt that it goes very well with this dress too even though the dress doesn't have any dusky lilac in it.Crazy I know!

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