Thursday, October 27, 2011

"You mean after 4 months of not blogging- you post about socks??"

Yes. After all this time off- I am easing back into Frockstarring with not 1 but 2 pairs of novelty socks.
Because I can.

First up is the best pair of socks I think I have ever owned. (Big call I know!) Socks that look like cigarettes. Burning embers on the toes. Filters along the tops. So simple yet so effective. The best part was my own personal realisation that someone, somewhere out in the world got paid to come up with these things. I think I want their job...

Just when you think these bad boys cant get any better- there are 2 more factors I am compelled to tell you before you make any rash decisions....
  1. They cost me AU$1.00 on my last trip to Melbourne.
  2. Because they were so cheap I had the foresight to buy 2 pairs of them!
Initially I tried to gift the second pair to my brother. Turns out cause I wore my pair first now they are forever deemed as girls socks and he doesn't want them. How silly of me for not thinking of that...

Second up is my favourite'est pair of knee length stripey toe socks. (You may have noticed but I can get very specific in my sub categories.... ) I've always been a sucker for toe socks but I have come across many who hate them. My personal theory is that everyone falls into one of two categories. You are either a complete lover or a total hater of foot gloves. I have never met anyone who was on the fence about them. Sure they can take a little longer to put on (what with the getting the right toes in the right compartments) but overall they are very comfortable to wear.

This particular pair rules for the following reasons.

  1. They are festively coloured for Flissmas
  2. They have a silver pom pom on every single toe. (While this is an added bonus that I am appreciative of- there have been a couple of pairs of sneakers that don't feel right with the added space required to fit them in...) Still- it's a nice touch and point of difference.

I'm not going to insult you by adding a last paragraph full of apologies and  false promises of more regular posts. I will however  promise that I certainly have more to talk about. That's right dear reader. We're not done here yet....

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