Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blue Paisley

"So this one time- I went to swap a dress that didn't fit and accidentally came out with 5 more... "

You've read that story already.  I will spare you the re-details. While I am unsure if that is a real word- I am sure you understand what I am saying by the context I have used it in. Nobody can ever tell me I'm not doing my bit for the evolution of the English language that's for sure!

This dress ticks a lot of boxes. Fabric colour. Fabric pattern. Fabric feel. (a nice floaty Summer weight) Dress cut, (length and the cute little puffed sleeves) and lastly accessory options. I think it rated well enough on my internal checklist that it made it through to become one of the 5 that followed me home that day.  

Often the first thing I am drawn to in an outfit is the overall colour scheme. Once that's grabbed me the other selling points become apparent- but you always need that initial hook to make you pick it up off the rack. Colour and pattern always seem to be mine. It has a nice mix of cornflower blue, aqua, beige and a deep gold over an indigo background. Straight away I could see that the options for shoe and belt colours would not be limited to one combination. I do like it when I don't have to commit to an outfit looking the same every time I wear it...

The paisley print gives it a very distinct 70's feel- but it isn't a typical style or fabric used to really encompass that decade.  Because it's a "revamped' vintage dress it's hard to peg the era it would fall under exactly- but I think the overall effect works well so it doesn't really matter! Is it just me or does anything in paisley also have that "old man pajama" feel? Maybe that is just me...

For the showcasing of this frock in the Frockstar forum- I have paired it with a bronze belt and matching wedges. Sadly these shoes are on their last legs (so to speak) - and I don't know that they would survive even one more last attempt at wearing them out of the house. They were dangerously close to disintegration even getting them to the lounge for the photo! It's a pity as the whole ensemble ties in exceptionally well with the particular shade of Le Specs I have on my head.... Must be time to find a replacement pair of bronze shoes so I can replicate this look again!

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