Friday, December 30, 2011

Frill AND a bow!

Another Flissmas over for another year. It's hard to believe we are down to the final hours of 2011.It really is true what they say. Time goes much faster as you get older. I swear this year went by in a total blur...

I chose this dress for my final post of 2011. I also chose it to wear to my family Christmas dinner on the 24th in fact. Lucky I already had the picture ready to go- as I managed to dribble gravy right down the front of it at dinner. I blame the pre-food gins but in all honesty it probably would have happened if I was sober too.

If it isn't the fabric that grabs me on a potential new frock- its the additional details. You know. An asymmetric hemline. A faux button detailing. Any intricate or even (dare I say)  un-necessary addition will often be the straw that breaks my bank accounts back.

This is a dress that managed to pull me in with not 1, not 2 but 4 major hooks. First up is the fabric. A stunning mint green with an almost metallic pearl sheen to it with light undertones of white gold throughout. This alone absolutely screams out to me "50s formal wear".

The 2nd hook is the frill detailing down one side of the bodice. It's an unusual touch- and ties in particularly well with the 3rd hook- a cowl neck feature that continues and tapers out at the waist.

The 4th hook and possibly even my favourite of the lot- is the SUPER CUTE bow on the shoulder right above the 2nd hook frill. If I wasn't already totally in love with this dress (and let's face it- I was pretty much already there...) then the bow was the definitive detail to really send me over the edge.
I have paired this dress with a skinny red belt and red heels for not only this picture- but for all it's wearings so far. I know that I have other options available- but I really think I am onto a permanent winner with the red/mint green combo.

I have worn this dress a few times now and I would hesitantly even consider it as a late entrant into "Frock of the Year 2011". As this prestigious title hasn't even really existed until I typed it just now there won't be any awards thrown out willy nilly. As I have been surprisingly reserved with the all over dress buying in 2011-  I have found myself mainly riding on the coat tails of last years purchases. I will forgo any last minute pomp and ceremony for 2011- but am formally committing to a post in roughly one years time to honour "Frock of the Year 2012!"

As I bid 2011 adieu I can't help but ponder what to wear to our annual New Years party at our place. This dress is currently a front runner but I feel like it has already has it's time in the festive seasons limelight. The last party we have hosted this beauty made an appearance so that means it can't be worn to this one too... (my worst fears were recognised at the same gathering when a party goer pointed out that she had seen me wear the same frock teh party before as well! ) I am considering putting together this years party ensemble from the ground up and starting with the shoes. This is largely due to a huge blister I have recently aquired from a pair of jandals. The other (and ridiculous I realise) thing to consider is that I am capable of expertly matching my drinkig vessel and even straw with the evening's outift. While I recognise this is taking things waaaay too far- I also know that it makes me happy knowing that this level of co-ordination has been reached. Now if only I can just stop pointing this out to people after a few drinks...

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