Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Flissmas Time Again!

I can't believe it's December again. It doesn't feel like it should be time for Christmas again already. Take heed kids. The oldies are onto something when they say time gets faster as you get older. While it is a little terrifying- the blow is somewhat cushioned by the fact that today marks the first official day of Summer here in NZ. (and was noticeably colder than any other day we've had in weeks. Thanks Auckland) Today also marks my own self imposed rules around Flissmas officially starting. It's put up the tree day. It's "can start listening to Christmas music" day. It's usually wear something red and green in my outfit day. I don't do Flissmas the way I used to though I must say. I haven't put up my tree in the last few years. My house is pretty well represented for the red green decor and fairy lights all year round. I do still listen to Christmas music- but only at work so I don't drive my boyfriend crazy. Of all my now dwindling traditions the only one that seems to be getting stronger is my "Festive P.O.F". All you need is green and red. Easy.

This years actual "1st December" outfit has already been posted about- but I have been saving todays featured frock to mark this auspicious occasion. How can you not think of festivities when you are looking at an 80's cocktail dress that is made entirely out of tinsel? Thats right. You can't.

This was the 3rd dress that found me at this years Grey Lynn Fest. It was the classic story of spotting it across a crowded market place and getting the magnetic pull. Up close it was even better than far away. The light catches all the individual strands of tinsel and creates something I can only describe as a glow. I don't recall ever thinking that I was missing a tinsel dress in my life before. As is so often the way - I knew I needed it in my life as soon as I spotted it and then wondered how I managed so long without it.

The dress itself is really hard to photograph. There is a lot of little... bits (?)  that all want to move in different directions for a start. The photos also don't really do the colour justice. In person it is a more striking deep red- but looks more like a terracotta here. (Is "Burnt Sienna" taking it too far? Too late. I went there anyway)

The zip has some issues that will need addressing before it gets worn in public. It has that slidey-ness that the most well loved dresses get with age. I'm sure I can get onto fixing that soon enough and deliver this little beauty into a new era of festivities! This dress is just screaming to be worn while sipping cocktails and listening to some sweet 50's Christmas lounge music.  I think I can probably make that happen without too much trouble... 

In other Flissmas outfit news... I caught myself wondering today how many days I could keep up the "Festive P.O.F" for. Red and green are the most represented colours in the wardroom after all. I was genuinely considering taking the opportunity to take December to a new Flissmas level and keep with the colour theme as long as possible. Then I remembered I am technically an adult- and that maybe just knowing that I could is probably enough.

To be honest adult or not- the jury is still out on that one!

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