Thursday, December 22, 2011

Vintage Violet Vision

I have spent the last few minutes trying to work out how to incorporate this gem of a tune into this blog post title. It didn't work- but I thought it was worthy of a listening option for you nonetheless. After I conceded "Purple Pleated Greeter/Beater/Cheater/Meeter or Bleater" weren't going to quite work - I went back to the drawing board. Other titles I toyed with included but are not limited to "Violet- it's a colour and a flower", "Violets with Violets" (except the flowers on the fabric aren't...) "Violet- more than just the colour of a bruise" which then morphed into"Violets not Violence" which is just silly. In a final flailing attempt at alliteration it even briefly paused at- "Very Violet Vintage Vision Vavavoom". I definitely over shot on that one.  I realise that I have definitely over thought this one- so I may as well just draw extra attention to it now.

I have also learnt since typing this long winded intro that the word Violet starts to look like it isn't spelled right when you look at it for too long... Now that all of that is out of that way - lets press on with the actual frock talk shall we? Yes lets.

This little number is another reconditioned vintage piece of fabulousness from Smoove. (refer here for that days full shopping experience) I like that it has a "High Tea" sort of a feel to it. You know. The sort of dress that should be worn with white wrist gloves whilst eating hot scones with jam and cream and sipping on tea served in matching floral china tea sets. I'm not one for scones or tea truth be told- but this frock would be the perfect outfit should my tastes suddenly change.

I am quite fond of the colour purple and its derivatives- yet the purple dress section in the wardroom is actually a little under represented. I can assure you- I was just as shocked as you must be. This particular shade is right on the cusp of a deep violet with subtle undertones of cornflower blue. I love that this is off set by the coral red, ivory, baby blue and sage green in the floral print. The colour combination overall is quite striking in my humble opinion.

(As a side tangent I have always been a big fan of purple paired with canary yellow- or a bright tangerine orange. If I ever decide to get into fabric design you can expect to see those colour combo's in abundance)

The fabric itself is a beautifully floaty light weight. Not quite chiffon but not quite crepe either. It glides with you when you move- but is light enough to require a built in slip. Even then I think I will potentially steer clear of any intentional standing in front of bright lights. What is the point of a lovely feminine and demure dress if you are just going to take away all the mystery by flashing your silhouette around willy nilly?
Upon re-reading that last statement I think I may have just officially just morphed into a 60 year old woman living in the early 1900's...

This fabric has a slight "crinkle" to it- and this is further defined with a fine pleat in the skirt. It is a nice finishing touch I think- and gives the skirt a little bit of extra movement.

For this photo I have teamed it with white belt and shoes- but have also worn it in real life with my good old default setting of red belt and shoes. I swear those things are starting end up on every second outfit that walks out of the wardroom on me. Someone even said to me this very morning "Wow- you wear those shoes all the time huh"  It is besides the point that the statement itself  is blatantly true. It bothers me that with a room that has more pairs of shoes than I can even count - (because of my current stacked up storage system. Not because I am actually stupid and cant count...) that other people are starting to notice I wear one pair all the time. Time to lift my shoe rotation game I think...

While I'm sure this glimpse into my psyche is entertaining and a little scary- I will sign this post off by pointing out that I am particularly fond of the juxtaposition of the label on the frock itself. Nothing sums up a pretty feminine floral dress quite like words "Smoove as F**K".

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