Monday, July 23, 2012

Baby Blue 70s Gown

Who doesn't love a great 70's gown? Well. You are all entitled to your own opinions- but frankly speaking if you aren't picking up what I am putting down you are WRONG. (heh)

I absolutly love 70's era vintage. It was my first foray into fashion from any decade outside the one I am currently living in and overall it has been pretty good to me over the years. Some fantastic things came outta the 70's. Queen. Fondue parties. ME.

 I struggle to walk past a rack with brightly coloured nylon and polyester frocks from this time period without squealing. (maybe a little bit of dribbling too. Lets be honest....)

This frock has been kicking around in my life for quite some time now. I think I must have picked it up about 12 years back. Sadly it doesn't get anywhere near enough wear time in. I may have to start just wearing it into the office or something. Casual Friday's need a bit of a pick me up anyway.

Baby blue and polyester is quite a statement in itself. Throw in a halter neck with ruffled front, backless... back and make it full length. I'm certain you will agree the overall look sure is something!

I love how this dress is doing such a great job of being the female gown version of the stereotypical baby blue 70s tuxedo. You know -  like THIS! I am yet to convince my wonderful man to don one to match me- but I haven't given up hope completely...

I have teamed this frock with some extra special shoes. I even glittered them myself! I was already fairly appreciative of the black pumps they used to be with the sparkly bows on the top. Now that they are     blue-dazzled (see what I did there?!) they are much MUCH cooler. Glittering your own shoes is deceptively simple but can be quite messy. I would strongly recommend a tray and an abundance of newspaper under your work area. I didn't realise exactly how messy this little project was going to be- so the first pair I sparkled up left a shiny trail of destruction through much of my bedroom. Ok. The entire house. My boy was less than impressed when 2 weeks later he was still finding glitter in his hair and on his face...

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