Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Masters of Metal Halloween

I always look forward to playing with Masters of Metal. Not only do I get to rock out to some sweet 80's glam rock tunes but this time I got to do it as a Glam Rock 80's Bogan Skank Zombie!

On the weekend we played one of the Armageddon after parties. (for those not in NZ it's like a much smaller comicon.) It made for a very surreal afternoon. We had to pack our gear in through the rain into a foyer full of wet nerds. We got to watch a Dragonball Z screaming competition while we waited to get to the stage. I saw one of the actual Bush Whackers. And after all of that we got to rock out at the Logan Campbell Centre playing to a crowd that included a viking, a banana, lots of skeletons and a lobster. It all made for one incredibly surreal day!

Until the afternoon of the gig I wasn't sure exactly what I was going to wear. While I had the back up outfits of shows gone by- I wanted to push the theme a little further this time. I started with this sweet green wig I originally bought for the last years Christmas show. I figured that it encompassed the Halloween theme of the party while also tying in the metal bogan-ness I wanted to capture.

Lycra shiny leggings seemed like a good idea too and it all fell into place when I added the faux snakeskin corset front tank top. Yes. This was already in my wardroom. Stop judging me.

Accessorising is always fun when you get to ignore the usual rule of less is more. Bangles, white lace fingerless gloves, pearls, studded belts (one with piano keys), green Spar Kill necklace and green eyeball heels and I was good to go. Gosh that's a lot going on in one outfit....

I am very tempted to bust this same ensemble out at our annual Christmas show. I imagine that this particular outfit won't be getting much wear time otherwise!

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