Thursday, December 27, 2012

Silver Rouched Ridiculousness

So another Christmas has come and gone. Turns out the end of the world didn't happen- and we are screeching towards the final days of 2012. There is a very high chance I said this last year but it feels like I actually blinked and missed much the last 12 months. 

Yes. We are almost completely past the festive season now and I suspect many of you  experienced an increase in overeating and hangovers because of it. I am very fond of this time of year (for many reasons) but thank god it only lasts a couple of weeks. I can get as festive as the next girl but there is a lot to be said for pacing yourself these days. I'm getting too old to be able to live through the hangovers. Its a sad fact- but its totally true. Long gone are the December's  of my twenties where I could celebrate many consecutive nights with a glass of bubbly or 3 and be fine the next day. These days there needs to be a lot more glasses of water in between drinks- and sober nights in between the festive ones. If you are reading this and lucky enough to be still enjoying your 20's- for god sake make the most of your stamina while you can. It will disappear just when you think you are untouchable and it sure sucks when you realise how good you had it in the sobering light of your mid thirties. It's always nice knowing how good you have it before you lose it. Sorry. I will end my finger waggling old lady rant here.

One of the Christmas traditions I have picked up in the last few years is playing with Masters of Metal in their annual Christmas Extravaganza. What better way to celebrate the silly season than to don a mullet wig and rock out to some sweet 80's glam rock? Seems like the right thing to do to me.

As previous posts have shown I've had a few years to put together a couple of different themed MOM ensembles now- but there is one slight problem I have encountered. Once you wear an outfit as a piss taking 80's glam rock costume- it sure is hard to break away from that vibe and wear it with any credibility later.  Such outfits get pigeonholed this way and it makes utilising these rare opportunities for further wearing much harder. Basically once a dress is a MOM dress- it's likely to only ever be a MOM dress. I'm more than happy to commit to a sweet outfit for his band- but when I only get to play with them once- or twice a year tops it can be a little sad too.

That brings us to the topic of today's post in fact. Now to be fair- I did buy this frock specifically for Masters of Metal. At first that is. It's definitely one of those dresses that just has so much going on all at once that at first it seems... well. Ridiculous. Rouching. Metallic. Cowl neck. Lace insert. It's more than your average garment would attempt to pull off- but somehow it works. Even weirder is that the longer you look at it the more credible it slowly starts to seem. So much in fact that I kinda want to wear it outside of an 80's glam rock theme to see if it can hold it's own. I am all for pushing the boundaries of your average dress code if I have something I really want to wear- but a dress like this needs a semblance of occasion I feel. Even I know that it isn't really a Saturday morning cafe brunch frock- or a pop down to the supermarket outfit. I do sincerely hope that I stumble across the right time to bust it out on an unsuspecting public without over thinking it too much more than I already have. I'm hoping that in a burst of epiphany- I will just know when it's time is right.

At the bargain price of $20 (trademe of course!) I'm sure I have already got my monies worth really. In fact- I even bought another one that is almost identical as I'm that convinced that someone else I know needs one in their lives at some stage! I really should stop doing that I know- but if something can bring me that much happiness I feel obligated to help another one find someone else that will feel the same way.... I know. I have a problem- but I get almost as much joy out of watching someone else fall in love with a piece I have sourced as I do falling in love with a piece myself. You just know when someone truly appreciates a garment in the way it deserves and it sure warms the heart. I have had many a vintage clothing store owner comment on seeing that same spark in me and we end up just feeding off each others excitement. I know that the doppelganger of this one will end up in good hands eventually and I'm looking forward to being the catalyst for the happiness it will bring the right person. But with that long winded tangent I digress...

In my attempts to break free of the context I have forced upon it in previous wearings- I'm not even going to post pics of it being worn in all of its glam rock glory. I'm hoping that once I take away the white ruffled stiletto boots, the lace fingerless gloves, the teased hair/ridiculous wig and the multitude of chains and bracelets it may paint a very different picture. I may have typecast it myself but I'm hoping it's not too late to try a new context and set a very different precedent. I'm also hoping that the photo's will help me to see it's full potential outside of a dress up theme. If not- at least I got to wear it with credibility just once even if it was only for these photo's!

One more and final  noteworthy point is that other than that depicted in these pics- every other time I have worn this dress I have worn it backwards. I don't know what it is about the style but I seem to  feel more comfortable with the cowl neck at the front and the lace insert at the back. I think it stems from a vaguely constricting feeling I get with anything that is too snugly fitting around my neck. I always mean to wear it in the way it was designed but change my mind at the last minute. Kinda weird really that I took pictures the way I've never actually worn it now that I think about it- but maybe it was my brains subconscious way of giving it that new context I was talking about. Lets assume I had a flash of secret prophecy in fact and just run with that shall we?

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