Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mexi Can Can (Yes I Can Can)

(Before you read any further  I have a recommended soundtrack for the full aural experience of this post. It can be located here. I don't care if you choose to listen or not, I just think you should have the choice... )

One of my more commonly used phrases seems to have become "If you are going to do something- you may as well do it properly". It  really is a great all purpose philosophy and I catch myself applying this to numerous situations on a daily basis. In the context of outfit creation it means total commitment. None of this hesitant dipping one toe in the water. Oh no. Pick a theme/ colour/ obscure inspiration and run with it. As far as you can. I've fine tuned my own sense of when I think I'm over doing it by intentionally taking it way too far and then working my way backwards . Over co-ordinate on purpose and then stripping it back slowly is a great way to find the right balance, and definitely the most fun.  I  do try to toe the line and stop right before an outfit gets too obvious, cliche or ridiculous- but let's face it. Even my conservatively dressed days are bound to be deemed pretty weird by more conventional standards.

I do like dressing with a theme in mind. I like a goal and I like the challenge of finding the perfect combination of items to interpret my concept through. I know that the time and effort I invest is likely to be lost on most people as I realise that 99% of the population just don't care. But that's ok. I also know that it is totally worth it for the rare times I come across one of the 1% that get it. There may not be many of them out there- but the ones that understand REALLY understand. I don't like to think I'm the sort of person that needs my fashion choices validated- but I do get quite the kick when someone picks up on the finer details. (without me having to point them out anyway.) It's not the same when you have to explain the levels of  nerdy matching theme continuance to someone. Seriously. If I have to explain it to you, it kinda takes away all of the "clever" out of it. I have a scarf that is a perfect example of this in fact. The pattern on it is knitted bacon and eggs- and it was the very first thing I noticed about it. I swear I have worn that damned thing at least 50 times and not one single person has noticed it's breakfasty goodness. Sigh.

 Sometimes the theme develops organically while other times it's conscious and predetermined by a single item. Like when you find a super rad brightly coloured Mexican circle skirt from the 50's. When a theme is that awesome why wouldn't you run with a it? An off the shoulder white top not only fits with the theme- but is also subdued enough that it lets the skirt do all the talking. A red flower in my hair is pretty standard most days- but this outfit could also work with yellow. Actually you know what would be perfect? A green cactus clip.
(Note to self- make that happen....)

The dark navy of the fabric perfectly sets off the bright yellows, greens, reds and whites against it. Bold contrasting colours are always a winner in my opinion- and something about the striped detailing is particularly pleasing to the eye too.

I feel like I have given the right amount of attention to detail to stay on the right side of MexiCAN before it slides into Mexican't or even the wrong end of Mexicarnage.. (I stopped short of a sombrero, fake moustache, poncho, Freida unibrow and burrito but all these went through my mind I can assure you) The only other addition I would consider is a bottle of corona in my hand and some more of THIS in my ear holes.

I made it through this whole post without incorporating any great Mexican puns.. not a single Juan!

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