Tuesday, December 15, 2009

50's Specs Appeal

I started work early today. 7am kinda early. Ouch. I knew this was going to make choosing an outfit somewhat difficult at that difficult hour- so I ever so cleverly picked this ensemble last night before I went to bed. I was quite grateful that I didn't have to rely on my brain for much this morning!

White and black polka dots with aqua highlights is where the decision landed me. This dress is from Spacesuit in Wellington circa 2006. I'm a sucker for aqua/ turquoise at the best of times so its no surprise I am drawn to the rose print along the hem of the dress. It also has a built in petticoat to give it that nice shape- although I have been known to wear it with the full crinoline one too.

I had an aqua flower that didn't sit right this morning so have opted for a ribbon today instead.

Last but most certainly not least- are my cats eye aqua sparkled glasses. This completes the outfit and gives vague connotations of a librarian in the 50's...

This morning was another drizzly one and I even manged (for the second day in a row I might add) by total fluke to match my umbrella to my outfit. Heh.

As I was walking in to work this morning I was chatting to a young lady I know who told me (in all seriousness) "You look like that old lady that wears those glasses!" It was bad enough she was likening me to an old lady- but then I realised she was talking about Damn Edna. OUCH.

(funnily enough she had no idea that Dame Edna is actually a man... sorry to break it to ya sweet heart)

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