Thursday, December 3, 2009

To Tide You Over

Before anyone thinks it- I wish to point out I do realise I am dressed kinda Christmassy again today. It wasn't intentional but I am rolling with it anyway. December 09 (all 3 days of it so far!) is shaping up to be hot, wet and still soo muggy. It seemed like a good idea to wear something light today so I pulled out this red, green and turquoise number to fit the bill.

This dress was bought at a Grey Lynn fest sometime in the last 4 years. Much like "Big Day Out's" I find it hard to distinguish Grey Lynn Festivals from one year from another. They definitely tend to blend into one big festival after you've been to more than 2 of them. So for that reason- I can't pinpoint the exact festival that this dress came into my life- but I get the feeling that you probably don't really care too much.

I love the colour combination in this dress. Red and turquoise together has always tickled my fancy- so throwing green in there for good measure is a guaranteed win in my mind.

I have matched the dress with a belt, bag (not picture here sadly) and shoes in turquoise to pick up the contrast. The shoes were purchased from the "Paper Bag Princess" on K Rd about 6 months ago. You can't go wrong with shiny turquoise peep toes with bows on the top! I bought them in the middle of a particularly manic shoe buying phase in my life. It may have only lasted a few weeks- but I managed to clock up about 9 pairs in this time. (None of them cost me more than $30.00 I might add....) I bought 3 pairs the same time I bought these ones. It was a good day...

This evening I have attempted to have 3 days (and nights) worth of what to wear mares in one go. I fly to Wellington tomorrow night to help make NZ Roller Derby History with our first EVER inter league bout. I am super excited- but also a little stressed at the limited amount of space I have in my bag that isn't taken up with my uniform. I've never been very good at pre-picking outfits like this. I don't like having to make that decision before you know how you're going to be feeling on the day. I have crammed as much as I can into my tiny little turquoise suitcase- so hopefully have given myself a little bit of a buffer. This weekend seems to be largely red and black themed. It is our team colours after all. I am nothing if not incredibly committed to colour themes!

I have also tried to leave enough room in my bag for at least one new dress from Spacesuit. I am even already mentally calculating how many clothes I can wear at once at once on the plane if it means that I can get them home again. I may look like I am impersonating the Michelin Man- but it could still be worth it.

I don't imagine there will be the chance for individual posts over the next few days- but boy will there be one helluva catch up when I get back! My skating uniform itself almost deserves a whole post of it's own. It's been very hard to not talk about it and give away the surprise...

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