Friday, December 11, 2009

It's hot in the city....

It's a stunner of a day in Auckland city. It's a great day to be alive- and to be excited about the upcoming weekend!

Today's dress was my favourite purchase from the Summer of 09. (that's last year right?) I bought it from the K Rd Op Shop for $15.00 and have MORE than got my moneys worth! In fact- if I had a dollar for every time I wore it I would be hurtling towards triple figures I estimate. That was a really round about way of saying I like it heaps so I wear it all the time!

I like that its cotton for a start. Good to wear something light in Auckland's muggy climate. I also like that it has a slight country western feel to the style with the shirred bodice. I also ALSO like that it has a lot of colours in the print for accessorising options. And lets be honest- you can't really go wrong with a pretty flowery Summer dress. Period.

Today's accessories have leaned towards the yellow with a yellow flower (loosely based on a poppy) and yellow slip on shoes.

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