Monday, December 14, 2009

Navy Blue 70's Fireworks

This morning when I woke up it was raining. Not a little drizzle but absolutely pissing down. Although its the beginning of December and technically the start of our Kiwi Summer- it was kinda cold. This threw my mornings what to wear mare ever so slightly. I managed to turn that uncertainty into mild excitement when I realised this might be my last chance to wear this dress this year.

I scored this dress from the Cornwall Park School Fair last Summer. I fought my way through seemingly hundreds of women in a school hall to fill my bag of clothing goodies. I think I walked away with about 9 new items for a grand total of $12.00!

The fabric is that awesome stretchy 70's nylon. The print reminds me of fireworks and I love the contrast of the orange, yellow and white on the navy blue background. The yellow buttons down the front top off the style- and they are duplicated on the cuffs. (rolled up here so you will just have to believe me)

Yellow seemed to be the obvious colour choice for accessories- so I have topped it all off with yellow hair clips. My first choice was a yellow flower- but I couldn't get it to sit right.

Speaking of flowers- I am mildly devastated that I cannot find my all time favourite red flower for my hair. You know- that one that pops up in most of my posts. I spent a great deal of time looking for it on Saturday night to no avail. I haven't given up all hope yet- butI have run out of places to look and pretty sad about the whole thing. I really hope it turns up soon....

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Blogger Unknown said...

wow this dress on you so amazing!!!!
Bailey xxx

December 25, 2009 at 9:47 PM  

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