Saturday, December 12, 2009


I have been so excited to wear this dress all week! I have already mentioned in a few posts- but a rodeo themed Christmas party was the perfect excuse to buy this amazing vintage rockabilly dress from Peachy Keen.

This dress pretty much speaks for itself. I love it.

Blue flower for my hair. Fake lashes for my eyes. (it took me about 4 go's to get these on straight!)

White patent mary-janes for my feet. I had a pair of silver cowboy boots but they dig into my ankles so went for the more comfortable pair. Kinda funny that these shoes were the more sensible option. Pretty sure I didn't fall off them at any stage in the night- although the end of my evening is a little hazy...

The party itself was pretty cool. Not many people strayed off too far off the 3 costume options for a rodeo themed party though. 99% of the party goers were dressed as
a.) Cowboy/girl with checkered shirt cowboy hat and bandana
b.) Indian with feathers in their hair
c.) Saloon girl

I had a lot of poeple come up to tell me how awesome my dress was. I already know this- but that was kinda cool.....

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