Thursday, December 10, 2009

Roller Disco!

Tonight was the last derby training for the year- so we had a roller disco. It was rad.
Tone Loc, Talking Heads, Grease Megamix- we had it all. Rainbow leg warmers were the most appropriate thing I could have worn really...

The thing with rainbow accessories is they are actually very hard to match with anything else. You really need to go quite sparse with the rest f the outfit of the rainbows are massively diluted. I know this as I have a rainbow knitted jumper, rainbow hair clips, rainbow shoes and a rainbow belt. wear them all together and you look like a unicorn threw up....

As the crux of the outfit was the leg warmers I opted for muted colours with the rest of the ensemble. Black strapless top and denim hot pants with green fishnets. These fishnets are sooo good. Not only are they the best shade of green to go with my ... well everything- but I'm starting to suspect they are made of magic.I have worn them through 4 derby games this year and still haven't got any holes in them that aren't supposed to be. If that ain't magic I don't know what is!

Lastly I accessorised by wearing a roller skate necklace in blue white and orange. I actually have 2 skate necklaces. The other is a silver boot skate. Also cool- but roller disco P.O.F called for the quad.

I have a big weekend coming up. Starting with my huge scale work rodeo themed Christmas party tomorrow night. I've had the dress ready and waiting for a few weeks now- and as of this evening have finally decided which shoes to wear with it. I am good to go- YEEEEEHAA!

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