Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Skeleton's and Sailor's

A funny thing happened when I wore this dress to work for the first time yesterday. An older gentleman I work with came up and told me he really liked it. The he looked closer and said "Actually- no I don't" For some reason that struck me as being particularly amusing. I guess the skeletons just didn't do it for him....

This number was purchased from Spacesuit in Wellington on my skating trip on the weekend. We flew in Friday early evening and were on the way to find some dinner when I saw this store was still open. I literally ran in and had bought the dress less than 3 minutes later. While I would like to put this down to my incredible shopping prowess- it's more that I saw it in Wellington a few weeks back and always knew I was going back for it.

I often run the risk of over accessorising but for this outfit I rolled with it anyways. These festive Mexican dancing skeletons just seemed to be screaming out "The more the merrier!"

See what a great time they're having!! Figured they could do with some more of their skull buddies involved in the outfit to keep them company....

I have gone with a black Illlicit cardi featuring a white embroidered Mexican skull motif- and some white skull hair clips to finish it all off.

I can see this dress being very versatile in days (and nights) to come.

I strayed away from the red sailor thing for a day or so but somehow found myself back there today. I went back to the all purpose denim high waisted sailor top skirt and teamed it with a red polka dot button up shirt. I chose the trusty red flower for my hair- but veered off my usual over co-ordination (is the first step acceptance?) by matching it with a non-matching pair of sunglasses.

I love these sunnies. Maiden voyage today and I was happy with the trip. Blue diagonal stripes with a rockabilly cats eye style. I am going to try and deprogram my colour sensibilities to really throw caution to the wind and wear these with everything this Summer. Not just blue things...

Sounds like a challenge to me.

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Blogger Catherine Shu said...

I love all the skulls! I'm a big fan of outfits with a theme to them.
the renegade bean

December 10, 2009 at 8:45 PM  

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