Sunday, December 13, 2009

Space Cowboy and Sailor

After the work Christmas party I was rocking one mean hangover. Maybe the worst I've had all year! This equated in my outfit for the day including a t-shirt. I'm really not a t-shirt kindofa girl. I usually only wear them if I'm sick or going to bed.

The t-shirt is particularly cool. Its an Amanda Palmer t-shirt I acquired at her last Auckland show back in March. Given that I love this woman as a musician- I was also pretty stoked to find a shirt that includes a piano, lady in pearls, blood and flowers. Makes for some rad graphics.

I also decided to give the cowboy boots another chance. Before I bought them they were obviously stored folded over somewhat- so there is a permanent crease in the side that digs into my ankle. It wasn't too bad wearing them over a few hours although that's probably because I also wasn't particularly mobile. These boots were an incredible $3 from the rainbow op shop on K Rd. They have obviously been spray painted silver and are a little rough around the edges but I think it just adds to the charm.

It wasn't one of my more inspirational outfits - but given my hangover I don't think I did too badly!

I did however have to pull myself out of it as I also had my Roller Derby end of year prize giving to attend as well. Damn you Christmas and your continued reasons for me to keep getting festive! (Prizegiving was really cool though. I earned a best team jammer medal and the dirtiest pirate in the league! More penalties than anyone else in the 2009 season... oops!)

I have chosen a cute pin up sailor's dress that has been hanging out in the wardroom for almost a year now. Maiden voyage this evening.

I went through a brief phase last December where I was obsessed with the sailor girl tie and back flap combo. (I realise that's an odd way to describe it...) I saw Kylie Minogue play here and she has an incredible blue sequined sailor jumpsuit that started it all. I found this dress on trademe when looking at sailor specific outfits.

I do love the detailing on this dress. Now that it's been worn I think I will be giving it a lot more off the hanger time!

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