Monday, December 7, 2009

What's Black And White and Red All Over..?

A newspaper? 2 nun's in a knife fight? An embarrassed penguin? A sun burnt zebra?

Well yes to all of those things- but the answer is also me in my weekend long Pirate City Roller All Scars P.O.F!

The P.O.F starts in my leaving for Wellington outfit. It's a little bit sailor/ a little bit cowboy. I have gone with a high waisted sailor buttoned denim skirt, new sailor hat, cowboy plaid pussy bow shirt and red boots. This skirt has proven to be maybe the most worn thing in my Wardroom from the last 2 seasons. It quite literally goes with everything.

This pic was taken before I managed to get strawberry on my hat- and then embroidered my name over it anyway....

Next on my weekend long colour theme is my Pirate City Rollers All Scars uniform! Pirate Wench Ahoy!!

I found this outfit by typing in "Pirate" into the women's wear search on Trademe. Turns out there is quite the market for fantasy pirate outfits. Some even come with matching g-strings... a few of us girls bought our outfits this way. They looked really good together I thought.

I had my name and number printed on the back after a slight lapse in brain cells in my embroidery attempt... (I got my number done in 4cms instead of the regulation 4 INCHES you see so had to do it again...)

Here is my hat post strawberry incident and name embroidery. Also note the most awesome hair ties in the universe! These cleavers were purchased from my favourite store in Wellington- Calico Jacks. I must've gone in there about 30 times over the weekend. Dave who runs the store is one rad guy. He came to watch our game and partied with us all afterwards too! I think roller derby taking over Wellington meant he had a good sales weekend...

(NB- these hats proved to be very useful over the weekend. There were more than a few of us wearing them which made it easy to find fellow pirates roaming the streets, easy for random derby game watchers to tell us how much they enjoyed the game- and even easy for a marketing manager wanting to align his brands with us to approach us at the airport on the way home! And you thought they were just to look cool....)

I was still rocking the team patriotic colours the day after our incredible win (174-88 win to PCR if anyone is interested. Check out the pics HERE.) so went with this incredible colour and pirate themed pin up top I scored from the Cuba St Recycled Boutique. Best $16.50 I spent all weekend I say!

How cool is the fabric up close too! I didn't notice till I had been wearing it a few hours that there were this many piratical pics being represented here...

Back in Auckland and I still couldn't shake my need to don the weekend's colours so have worked one last outfit around the P.O.F. Great summer dress purchased form trademe in the last few months. It's maiden voyage was today in fact...

Even matched my shoes. Ha. Like I don't usually.....

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