Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A li'l Japanese

This one time- I went to the Cornwall Park School Fair- and then had to talk about it in all my Frockstar posts cause I bought so much stuff there....

This skirt screams Japanese School girl anime. To me at least. Loud and clear. Grey and black plaid with button detail and a faux lace hem. It's quite high waisted - and a good length too. I have teamed it with black tights and top, and grey woolen platform boots.

These boots were a great find on trademe. They cost me an incredible $9.00 and are as light as a feather. I do not run the risk of anyone calling my twinkle toes in a hurry though. My flatmate has asked on a few occasions now how I manage to be the smallest person in the house and manage to make the most noise when walking around it. I don't call it stomping. I call it walking with purpose...

This is possibly the most Wintery outfit that has featured thus far on Frockstar. It does get me quite excited about the upcoming cooler months. Not only will I get to start wearing my favourites in a large collection of Vintage coats- but I know I will rediscover long lost items in the wardroom that gave way to Summer dresses back in October.

(I originally had a pair of black ear muffs on for the photo but it was too hot to wear them long enough to get a good photo. I imagine there will be an earmuff special at some point to make up for it...)

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