Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blue Zebra

It's no secret I have a soft spot for animal print. Especially when the background is a bright colour.

Electric blue is a shade I had not yet acquired such an animal print in- so the decision process for this skirt was a fast one.

The skirt was bought from Valley Girl. The Newmarket branch to be exact. My experience in this chain is fairly limited- but boy do they know how to put on a sale! The day I went in literally everything in store was reduced. I'm not talking any pitiful $10.00 off either. They had racks and racks of clothing down to $9.00. It wasn't even out of season stock. The most expensive thing I saw was $39.95- and even when I got to the counter this skirt was reduced even further. I was prepared to pay the $19.95 on the price tag- and was pleasantly surprised when it only came to $14.95.

I had such a good experience that day that I told a few other people about how good the sale was. One friend came back to me a few days later and regaled me with tales of her $170.00 shopping spree on my advice! Gotta spread the shopping love I say...

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