Thursday, May 20, 2010

Brown and Khaki. Again.

I do really like this colour combo when the weather gets colder. I put this partly down to the fact that these boots match it perfectly!

I don't have that many long sleeved frocks in the collection. A lot of the time I "Winter Up" the dresses myself by teaming them with tights, boots and cardigans. This is a dress that need no such preparation.

It was another inspired Spacesuit purchase from years gone by. (such a good hit rate with that store... Bring it back to Auckland already!!)

I have never really gravitated towards brown as a colour- but I am still glad that I chose this dress in that shade. (I would call it "Chocolate" but I spose a less tactful person could describe it as "Poo brown")

The collar of the dress is a crocheted lace and almost victorian in the detailing. It has 3 buttons on the bust- and the crotchet details are continued as an empire line and then again around the waist. There are gathers on the sleeves that give the impression of "puffs" and the hemline has a bubble finish as well. Quite a lot going on in one frock really.

I have teamed it with my favourite scarf. This scarf was knitted for me by one of my best friends a few years back and I love it. I'm sure I would have loved it if I found it in a store too- but knowing that it was handmade specifically with me in mind makes it that much cooler!

The boots tie the whole ensemble together quite nicely I think. I'm sure it has been mentioned here before- but my boyfriend always calls me a ninja when I'm wearing these boots. My house has 2 flights of wooden stairs and I'm not especially light on my feet at the bast of times. Add 7 inch resign platforms under my feet and you would think a herd of elephants are stomping around the house!

Another good thing about this colour combo is the coat options I have with it. There are a few khaki green coats in the wardroom and I have a couple of beautiful brown ones too. They are so good I think they deserve their own post in the coming months. Stay tuned for the impending coat collection!

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