Thursday, May 20, 2010

Flowers And Polka Dots

It's no surprise to you all I'm sure- that a new dress will make for one very happy Fliss. New dress excitement is hard to compare to anything else and will usually eventuate in the need to wear said new dress straight away.

This particular new dress caused the same excitement of course. Especially since it was purchased in Wellington in a flurry of other purchases on my Regina Spektor road trip a few weeks back. It was in a high end second hand clothing store called "Missy's Wardrobe" (or something to that affect anyways) on Cuba St. I was hesitant as the price tag told me it was $92.00- but after a quick scan around the store all the dresses were on sale. I tried it on and decided that I would have to get it if was $40.00 or less. I was happy to find when I got it to the counter that it was down to a remarkable $25.00. Quite stoked about that!

I am drawn to bright colours- with green , red and yellow combinations being among my favourites. This dress has all of those sorted AND even throws in some black and white polka dots for good measure. Heh.

This dress was obviously homemade at some point. I know this as it doesn't have a tag- and secondly as they have inserted a baby pink zip. An odd choice given that there is no pink in the dress anywhere. I was happy to find that it is crinoline capable too. I did try out the red petticoat first as it picks up on the fabric so well- but I couldn't escape the thought that I looked like a christmas tree.

I have noticed lately that I have a lot less frocks in this shade of green than initially thought. This is possibly the most represented colour in the entire wardrooom- but not so many frocks in it strangely enough.

I managed to save the first wear of this dress for an astounding 3 whole weeks! I saved it specifically for the after party of my derby teams season debut. We are the green team after all- so it seemed like an apt occasion for the first wear.

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