Sunday, May 30, 2010

Green and Sparkly

I often talk about trademe and the purchases I get online. I'm not sure that I have ever really gone into the competitive part of my personality that "winning" online auctions really taps into. It is quite the slippery slope I can assure you. Last week I may have learnt a valuable lesson about bidding for things when I've been drinking. Let me explain....

My Derby League put on a quiz night fundraiser last weekend for our upcoming trip to play in the Great Southern Slam in Adelaide in the next few weeks. It was a heap of fun and we had some awesome prize packs up for a silent auction as well! A couple of the silent auction packs included $50.00 vouchers for one of my favourite local vintage clothing stores- Peachy Keen. I was running the bar fro this fundraiser (dressed as a pirate wench but that's another story) and decided that I was going to bid on one of these packs. All the money goes back to my league- AND it meant I could get some vintage clothes shopping under my belt too!

To cut a long story short there was alcohol involved. Specifically THIS mixed with some of THIS. I also managed to set myself up with an "Auto-bid" on the silent auction. In the end I ended up paying my league $70.00 for an amazing prize pack that included the much coveted voucher, some long derby socks, derby t-shirts, VIP season passes, vodka, a "Whip It" dvd and some Dickies clothing. Essentially I only really needed the voucher- so it was kinda funny that I paid $70.00 for a $50.00 voucher at the end of the night... I stand by my bidding however and regret NOTHING.

So this all ties into today's post as this was the dress that I spent the voucher on. this is another frock that I have had my eye on for quite some time. I am actually amazed that nobody snapped it up before I did in fact! Green and sparkly with a harlequin diamond pattern. Oh god yes.

The sleeves are slightly bell shaped - so it sits really nicely on the top. At first I was unsure of the length on my short legs but it seems to be ok. I have broken it up with a black PVC corset belt and this also ties into the black patent mary-janes.

I actually dreamed about this dress the night before I went in to buy it so it was meant to be. Right?! You can't fight fate afterall...

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