Sunday, May 30, 2010

How D'ya Like Dem Apples

I have had my eye on this dress for quite a while now. It has been in "This Is Not A Love Shop" on K Rd for the better part of a year. Until quite recently it was actually a full length 70's dress. I have been known to buy long 70's dresses before and then not really wear them. While I am a sucker for them- I often feel like they make me look a little .... squashed.
(Such is life when you are 5"3 I guess. ) When I saw this one had been adjusted- I decided that was a sign I was supposed to have it!

There are a couple of specifically appealing features in this frock. First up I love the the sailor-esque flap around the neck line. (I'm sure there is an actual word for this however I do not know it so it can be a sailor flap. ) It also continues around the back of the frock for a nice flow in the overall design.

Another great part of this frock is the colour combo. Bright green , navy blue, and a greeny yellow all on a white background. Also apples + stripes = awesome.

I have teamed it with tights and some green faux crocodile heels in this picture- but have found that the dress works well with long black boots and bright green sneakers too. Ah the options!

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