Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pastel Flowers

This frock has been kicking around in my collection for quite some time now- and I will admit I have worn it a grand total of ONCE. In my striving to work my way through more of my obscure outfits so I have attempted to try a Winter spin on a Summer dress. Black tights are great for that- and a black belt ties that all together quite nicely I feel...

This dress came with a fabric belt. To be honest I don't think it does a lot for the overall shape of the dress so I have decided to use it as a headband instead. It seems a pity to bot use it for something... right?

The cut itself is quite simple. A v neck, sleeveless style with a frill around the bottom. The colours in the fabric are quite hard to get an accurate picture to represent. The green is in reality much much brighter - and I like the contrast between that with the pastel shade of pink and baby blue with outlines of indigo.

I quite like the "winter" approach to this frock. I'm sure I can get it into a higher rotation with a bit of additional effort!

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