Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rainbow Plaid

My Monday was VERY Monday this week. I wasn't particularly inspired all round really- and the "meh" kind of stretched throughout the day. I partly blame this one the hangover I was sporting on Sunday. I'm getting too old to assume I will only feel bad one the day after such frivolities sadly...

I decided to combat my "meh Monday" by stopping in for a quick look around the rainbow op shop on K rd on my lunch break. I'm glad I did- as I found this gem of a pencil skirt for $3!! I have a rule that anything that costs less than a cup of coffee is a no brainer purchase.

The plaid in the fabric is extra cool given that is is rainbow coloured on a black background. This makes the accessorising options for this skirt pretty much limitless. Yusssss....

I have decided to go fro a sunny yellow approach this time round with yellow stilettos (also $3 from trademe) and a yellow hair clip to tie it all in together. This co-ordination can also be achieved with red, green or bright blue. How very versatile!

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