Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Green Picnic Frock

First of all- I need to apologise for my lack of Frockstarring in the last month or so. I have been sick. Like really sick. I have had the flu not once- but twice within the last 30 days. Hardly seems fair. So I'm sure it isn't surprising to hear that the last thing I felt like doing was being in photo's showcasing outfits for the blog...

I am well on the road to recovery now- so figured I had some catching up to do here!

This little number is a new addition to the Wardroom. It is a recent purchase from The Paper Bag Princess- and while it is kinda out of season (bring the middle of Winter and all) it was only $14.00. Summer will be back and it will all make sense soon enough.

The top actually needs a little bit of adjusting. It is a halterneck but it doesn't sit quite right. I have turned it into a strapless dress for the sake of this picture and added a pale green cardi to cover up my ghetto alterations.

I really like the way the skirt sits and I knew I could fit a crinoline petticoat under it too. Add to that the great shades of greens, purples and reds- and we have a winner!

I have teamed it with red accessories for this pic but could quite easily go for darker greens or purples for a slightly different affect.

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