Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Turquoise Dress Coat

I have a rule that I'm only allowed to buy 1 new Winter coat a year. (This is predominantly for storage purposes. ) Thankfully I set this rule myself so I don't have anyone to answer to if I break it. I'm not sure I have managed to stick with it through an entire chilly season so far. It's a nice idea but too easy to bypass. Especially when you find great coats out of season. I conveniently "forget" I have bought my allocated coat for the year in Summer and will have been known to buy another when it starts to get colder...

This is one of those "Buy it when it's too hot to wear it" kinda deals. I found it in a tiny little vintage store in Grey Lynn. I wasn't sure if it was a dress or a coat. I guess it's both.

I have a soft spot for turquoise and green at the best of times- but throw them together with a 70's floral print and how can I refuse?

(I could not get a good close up that did the colour any justice. The photo's that show the entire coat are true to it's shades- but I have included the close up so you can really appreciate the incredible 70's pattern too... )

The cut is double breasted and even had a dome right up the top of the neckline to alter the collar when it's done up.

Overall I think I prefer it undone and co-ordinated with a turquoise belt over a black dress underneath. (as shown) I have also pieced it with a pair of turquoise peep toes with bow detailing.

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