Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Khaki Woolen Winter Coat

I have a lot of coats. Not as many as I do dresses- but the coat section of the Wardroom can certainly hold it's own. The green sub-section of the coat section is actually quite extensive in itself. Here is a nice warm example....

Army green. Khaki green. Olive green. whatever you call this particular shade- I have always thought it is a great Winter colour. Throw in a light grey fluffy collar feature and you are really cooking with gas.

The collar on this coat takes up a lot more space than other fluffy collars I have come across. Starting at the neckline (where collars usually do) it swoops all the way down to the shoudler line.

Sadly the moths in my old house took a bit of a shine to this coat. There are a few patches where you can see it has become a meal and a half for some fashion struck moth. The holes aren't so bad as to render it unwearable- but enough to be annoying. Not much consellation- but at least they had good taste!

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