Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Turquoise Check Coat

I know I have mentioned on numerous occasions how much I like Spacesuit- but you might have forgotten so I feel obliged to mention it again.

I love Spacesuit clothing. Real heaps. Here are some of the reasons why.

  • A lot of it is sourced in Asia so a lot of their styles have that quirky feel to them.
  • They usually keep the lines on a smallish scale so you can still feel like you won't run into another 20 people wearing the same thing.
  • Best of all- the prices are not through the roof so it won't break the budget to buy a few items at once. Lucky that- as it is so far away I try and stock up when I am there. (As previously mentioned- it is way too easy to self justify additional expenses when it comes to fashion!)

This coat was purchased in the good ol' days when Spacesuit was still a staple on K Rd. It checks all the right boxes (and a couple extra) for a great Winter coat. Good colour. Great pattern on the fabric. Flattering cut. (neck line and waist line in fact) Feature in the style. The feature being the patterned bell details on the end of the cuffs. A nice addition to really set it apart form any number of cost living in the wardroom....

So to summarise this fabulous item- turquoise and black checkered dress coat with belt tied waist and gathered bell cuffed detailing. Perfect.

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