Friday, October 29, 2010

Call Me Loyal

Double breasted woolen peacoat with waistband detailing all on a green, purple and black hounds tooth. Oh yes...

I am a firm beleiver that I have guardian angel of shopping´╗┐ watching over me. Occasionally she steps in to help me make my important purchasing questions. This is usually "To buy or not to buy". She was definitely with me on Friday the 22nd October 2010 on Brunswick St when I found this beauty.

I first saw this coat on my Derby trip to Adelaide earlier this year. You have probably realised that I am a sucker for a good coat at the best of times- but show me one in my derby team colours and I'm more than sold. That's where the story would end- except that on the day I saw this coat in Myers I had already exhausted my shopping budget for our short stay. I did actually contemplate not eating for the final day and a half I was there to afford it- but there was an after party in between and one was going to require alcohol. I begrudgingly left the store without the coat and spent the next 36 hours trying to work out if there was a way I could take it home with me. Sadly there wasn't and I came back to Auckland coat less.

Fast forward 3 and a half months and I'm back in Australia. (In the epic factory shop I talked about in my previous post no less) There she was. On a distant rack I spotted her across a crowded shop floor. My beautiful Mascara Massacre coat! Not only did they have my size in stock but the price tag told me it was only $89.00. MUCH less than the original $229.00 I first saw it priced at. Obviously I grabbed it (with 2 hands) and holding back my excitement as best I could (I was on my own and had nobody to squeal at) I started to look at the other racks around me. As I was doing so- one of the shop girls came over to the rack to further mark down the price. I kid you not. I was already more than happy to pay $89.00 for it and then didn't even have to! I left that shop one very very happy Fliss and my wallet was only $60.00 lighter. SCORE.

The other point worth mentioning of this entire experience was that it was slightly over 29 degrees that day and I was already sweltering having worn tights and boots out on my maiden shopping voyage on this trip. (long story but lets summarise in that I didn't trust the weather reports after being freezing my entire stay roughly this time last year...) I did actually think for a little while that I was going to melt. I already had a decent amount of shopping bags to carry and then had a woollen coat to lug around too. It was the weirdest and most perfect day to buy a Winter coat.

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