Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Silky Party Dress

One of life's finest joys has to be accidentally finding the occasional genuine op shop. They sadly seem to be a dying breed these days with hoards of people trawling fro quality vintage and then re-selling for a huge profit. Don't get me wrong. I think it is a great business model I just miss having a larger selection of op shops to trawl myself. I found a great little hospice op shop in the back streets of St Kilda while on a bit of an exploratory stroll. It was certainly in the afternoons highlights. Right above the tropical fish store that we spent about 45 minutes in- but that's another story...

I was very restrained in this store. Possibly due to the fact that I remembered anything I purchased would have to be lugged around with me for a week before it got home again. This is a very good thing to remember when starting to get excited about vintage crockery and vases. I left the brick a brack section and headed straight back to the rack of frocks.

I found this cute little silk number and it made my day. I estimate it as early to mid 70's. A silk party dress with sweetheart neck line. Almost off the shoulder- and  puff sleeves. Slightly flared skirt and all in a great mix of buttery cream background, orange and yellow flowers, the occasional stone fruit (maybe peaches?) and teal squares with a semblance of vertical stripes for good measure. Whoever designed the fabric may have been having some acid flashbacks of some description. It is a pretty odd combo of things to have all happening at once really.

All of this in one frock and for the fantastic price of $10.00. This was still ok even after I mentally calculated the exchange rate. (I was much better at doing that this trip!)

I have chosen to accessorise to pick up the teal squares. This is mainly as it is the easiest way to lift the whole colour scheme to take away the fact that my complexion is possibly too fair to be wearing a colour this pale right next to my face. Also- I feel like I should be carrying an elaborately wrapped present to a birthday party. Now the only thing this dress is missing is a party hat and goody bag to take home for afters.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Tattoo Roses Cobwebs

I love Dangerfield. You may remember this snippet of information as I have mentioned it here, here, here and here. (just to mention a few!) I was always going to be making a purchase or 2 from this fine store while I was in Melbourne. This is one of said purchases. Given that I know now about the Dangerfield factory store- I was careful to not pay full price for anything before exhaustign the cheaper options. While I did get this dress from one of normal stores- it was still on sale. Double win!

Red, black and white is a great colour combo. Striking in contrast and highly compatable with many many accesorising options. This frock is extremely versatile. In this photo I have kept it very simple by teaming with black and white wingtip shoes and a red rose in my hair. I am actually wearing this frock while I type too- and have chosen to wear it with black tights and boots, red belt and a black cardi with red and white bow brooch and red riding hood cape. Ah the options.

The fabric is quite detailed and features a lot of things that I am often drawn to. Geisha faces, roses, cobwebs, hearts and polka dots. A lot of bases covered there!

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The gig to end all gigs...

Now anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes near me could probably tell you that I'm not a T-shirt kindofa girl. Given my penchant for a great frock it is hard to fit a T-shirt into an outfit. I do however like to buy the occasional band/artist T-shirt to commemorate a great gig. I have spent the last 6 months counting down to what could have been the highlight of my live music existence. Now that is a mighty big call and I intend to stick by it....

Back in the early months of 1997 I was working in a Frockshop in a West Auckland mall. I was 18 years old and driving around town in my very first car (a mini). I was introduced to an artist that would change the way I looked at music and the style that I play the piano from here on in. That artist was Ben Folds and my ears had just been aurally caressed by him and his band- Ben Folds Five. Over the next 14 years I would follow his musical progression closely. I would buy another 12 of his albums. I would lap up every note. Every lyric. I would also learn that he seems to be friends and musical guest to a great number of my other musical heroes. I would get myself a laminated Ben Folds fan club card with my name on it- and keep it in my wallet. (I do realise I am waaay too old for that kind of carry on but hey. When you're passionate right...) I learnt that he was married for some time to an Australian woman and even lived in Adelaide. Not so far from my corner of the world but alas. He has never ever come to play his nerdy piano music in my country.

I love a good live gig. In fact most of my disposal income not going towards the continued extension of the Wardroom is almost exclusively reserved for good food and live shows. In December of 2010 I learnt that my piano hero was going to play in Melbourne so I bit the bullet and bought tickets. I swear I have spent every day since then counting down the days and allowing my expectations to fly sky high.
The danger of over thinking this kind of thing is that it sets the show up to disappoint if it is anything less than amazing. Thankfully seeing Ben play live was even better than my wildest dreams. He played an amazing 2 and a half hour set and I now have a VERY high bar set fro any future live piano performances!

Oh yeah. This is a fashion blog. Ha.

Even though T-shirts are not a staple in my wardroom I couldn't NOT commemorate this very special show. Especially when I saw they were selling a yellow one. (I have a strange leaning towards yellow at the moment that I just can't seem to escape...) While I may only really wear them to bed I will never be able to put this on without a surge of reliving this show running through my head. It is still fresh in my head after only a week- but I get the feeling I will always be able to get a smile on my face just thinking about the night that I finally got to watch Ben Folds live.

I don't think I will be making a point of featuring my sleep wear choices on Frockstar in the future- but never say never I guess. Just in case it never happens again this is what I look like when I go to bed. Complete with Ben Folds induced smile....

NB - This post is also the precursor to a bunch of exciting Melbourne purchases... YAY!

In case any of you out there happen to already be a fan of Ben I have exciting news! I heard straight from the horses mouth that he has 2 albums of previously unreleased material that will be coming out in a special triple cd set of B-sides, rareities and live tracks in the next few months. Even more exciting is that he used me and the rest of the Melbourne shows audience to sing backing vocals on "Not The Same" for a live version coming out on the same album! I GET TO BE ON THE NEXT BEN FOLDS ALBUM! Be still my beating heart.....

Last last last note about Ben. I promise. Those of you not already a fan may at least enjoy this fantastic Henry Rollins speel about Ben getting him along to guest on the William Shatner album he was producing. The fact the Ben Folds, Henry Rollins and William Shatner have even been in the same room together blows my mind!!

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