Thursday, April 15, 2010

Teal Knit Dress

As is often the way- the title of this post is reasonably self explanatory.

This dress is originally from Valley Girl. I bought it about 2 years ago off one of their sale racks. It was a bargain at $15 and has been a staple part of my working wardrobe ever since.

Its a great outfit to wear when the season start to change. Being a fine knit- its warmer than your average short sleeved dress but still not quite at full Winter scale. I have teamed it with my pvc black corset belt, long black pvc boots, teal hair flower and team sparkly ring.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I do like a good striped outfit. Always have. This one is especially appealing with its colour scheme of magenta, cerise, purple, indigo and black. I think they work together quite well.

This dress is another trademe special. From memory it cost me somewhere around the $4.00 mark. I always get tricked into purchases that cheap. On many occasions I have ended up spending more on postage than the article itself. Genius or crazy. You decide. (but maybe don't tell me either way...)

In any case- I am still very happy with this particular deceptively cheap dress. I have teamed it with patent black peep toe wedges , black 3/4 leggings and a waist cinching black belt.

In other news- this post marks the 1st 5000 hits on Frockstar. Woah. It's like you guys genuinely care about what I am wearing and my incessant babbling about colour co-ordination! I hope you realise that this is only encouraging me...

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bumblee Bee

I think the title of this post is relatively self explanatory don't you?

I wanted a new P.O.F for derby training tonight so worked the outfit around a pair of socks I hadn't worn yet. 2 colour combo's are pretty easy to run with so added yellow fishnets, black shorts, a yellow singlet, black zip up hoodie and a yellow scarf.

Instant Bumble Bee.

Note my terrifying derby growling face. Betcha wouldn't want to meet that in a dark alley....

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Lime Green Angora

Angora feels so nice to wear. Nothing like snuggling up to something warm and fluffy on a cold day. The only down side of said fluffiness is that it gets all over EVERYTHING. Especially my wool blend black pencil skirt that seems to be worn with all the angora I own...

This top is no exception. In fact- I spent about 15 minutes after this photo trying to get all the remnants off the skirt.

It's no secret I am a sucker for all things green - but lime has never been my shade of choice. I will not discriminate however so giving it a go in this top anyways.

I have teamed it with a scarf in hues of lime, orange, khaki, brown and cream. Great colours together that scream the 70's. To me at least.

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Electric Blue Ruffles

This was another CPSF dress purchase the other week. It cost me $2.00 and I am just realising now how versatile it is going to be in the coming months.

Electric blue cotton sleeveless dress with a great ruffled frill feature on the front to give it a point of difference.

In this pic I have worn it with trusty blue car bracelet and a pair of electric blue patent cork wedge sandals. I also have plans to "Winter It Up" with a long sleeved black top underneath and black tights and boots.

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Turquoise Floral

This is another of my new cotton pencil skirts from Cotton On. Same deal as the leopard print one wherein it has a tendency to ride up a little when I walk. Still love it. Don't even care.

Not a lot else to say about it though. Floral patterns in shades of turquoise, purple, deep pink, black and yellow. Lots of co-ordinating with hair flower options here.... Today I teamed it with a large silk teal coloured one.

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Emergency Exits Located Here And Here....

My P.O.F for this outfit wasn't officially a flight attendant- but enough people commented on it I thought I would roll with it anyway.

The outfit started by me wanting to wear my gangster wingtip heels. They are easily in the top 5 fro best shoes in the wardroom and I felt like they weren't getting enough "air time". I always have trouble working outfits around "statement shoes". I think you really need to keep the ensemble simple to really shoes off the footwear. I thought if I kept the outfit black and white it would be enough to work with the shoes and not take too much away from them.

I settled on my ever faithful black pencil skirt with a white short sleeved collared shirt. White clothing an me are not always a great mix. I will usually spill something down the front within the first hour of wearing anything light coloured... But as usual I digress.

Once I had the outfit on- I felt like it was too boring. It technically worked with the shoes- but it was missing a certain something. I did a quick lap of the accessory section in the wardroom and came across a scarf that I thought would do the trick. It made such a difference!
The scarf was purchased from the CPSF (Cornwall Park School Fair) for a bank breaking 50 cents.

I love retro Kiwiana. This one in particular as it has the retro tiki's and a touch of peach in the colouring to give it a point of difference. I knew this was a winner when I had my days first 2 outfit compliments while I was waiting for my morning coffee.

I really wish I had a dollar for every flight attendant comment I received over the day. It would have easily paid for my days coffee's and lunch!

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Lilac Cupcakes

I first saw these shoes on trademe and feel in love with them. They had a buy now price of $100.00 though and I couldn't quite bring myself to commit to the purchase.

The next time I saw them was a few weeks back at Wild Pair. Price tag of $139.00. Still did not commit to them.

The 3rd (and final) time I saw them for sale was in the Paperbag Princess on Tuesday afternoon. Price tag of $20.00. They were even in my size! It was an extremely happy moment I can assure you...

The brand of these shoes is T.U.K. I first discovered these in Melbourne and have spent a bit of time browsing their online store. You should have a look too... HERE. There are many pairs of shoes there that I would love to own. Sigh.

Anyway. There is a lot going on in this particular pair. Shall we cover the details. Yes. Yes we shall.

  • Lilac and Black is a great colour combo. Not an easy to match an outfit with I have discovered- but am working on it!

  • A nice high wedge for under cover midgets like myself.

  • Frills around the ankle

  • Peep toe front

  • Bow details on the front AND the back

  • Cupcake, skull and rose motifs on the wedge

  • Dangling skull charm detail on the back of the ankle

When I wore them to work yesterday I had 2 people ask if I had them custom made. They are fairly obviously the kind of shoes I would like... The only thing I would have done differently is made them green!

So in conclusion- I am still riding the warm fuzzy's from this bargain. Aaah. Nothing quite like it.

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Classic Leopard Print

I know leopard print can border on cliche at the moment- but that isn't going to stop me wearing it as I see fit!

This skirt is new- and already I can tell it will be one of those really versatile wardrobe (wardroom) pieces. Its a stretchy cotton blend pencil shape made to sit just above the knee. I have found however that it rides up a bit when I walk. Necessitating the odd wiggle and pull down to a more respectable length when out and about...

It was on the sale rack at Cotton On for $10. So I bought 4 of them. (in different colours obviously...)

Today I teamed it with a black V-neck top, illicit "True Love" cardi, black peep toe wedges, red hair flower and my smart girl glasses. (It was a HUGE weekend at derby camp and I had the suitcases under my eyes to prove it. The glasses did a great job at hiding them)

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