Monday, November 29, 2010

Ship Happens

Blah blah blah Melbourne. Blah blah blah Dangerfield. Blah blah blah awesome. I figure after the last month of posts you get the point already!

Nautical is a theme that pops up on Frockstar a lot at the moment. Usually this is an outfit in red, white and blue and often this is punctuated with vertical stripes. This particular nautical ensemble has stayed true to the colour scheme- but is punctuated with a much more obvious pattern of sailing ships and tug boats.

This skirt is a great shape and sits really well. I really like the additional feature of the bow on the front. It gives it an extra little something something.  

It has taken me about a month to settle on what I want to wear this skirt with. I have tried it with red and navy blue singlets and they havent' quite worked. I also tried it with my extreme nautical wedge heels from this post- but  it was too matching. (even I realise sometimes you can go too far....)

I opted to keep this outfit really simple so as not to overshadow the boats or the bow. I am working on an idea for another outfit option using this skirt. I'm thinking a navy blue sort sleeved (maybe puff sleeved) button up shirt with a red neck scarf tied to the side...  I do not yet own said shirt- but the scarf is ready and waiting!

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Thursday, November 25, 2010


One of the things I was most looking froward to on my Melbourne trip was going back to Retrostar. This is one of the most amazing vintage clothing stores I have ever been to. EVER. It is one of those stores that you need to mentally prepare yourself for. There are so many colours and patterns to trawl through! I would never ever go to a store like this with a hangover that's for sure....

A particularly cool part about going back to this store on this trip- was that I got to take a friend of mine who had not yet experienced the joys of Retrostar. I got to relive the initial amazement through her when we walked in- and that was just as exciting for me too.

I knew there was going to be a lot I liked here- and it didn't disappoint. As I was walking around with my hangers of items to take into the changing room getting heavier- I stopped in my tracks when I saw this on the rack. Like actually stopped. I think my jaw may have even dropped just a little. I knew that this was the one. Of all the things I was carrying to try on- I hoped with all my might that this was going to be the dress that fit me perfectly.

A bright electric blue based ra-ra dress with 3 tiers of ruffles along the bottom. Pretty cool in itself. Then you throw in the tropical flower pattern in shades of bright yellow, orange, red and green. just when you think it can't get any better- you realise that hiding among the flower pattern are even a couple of parrots! Yes.That was the  moment that tipped me over the edge. (Maybe I should get out more...)

The only moment in this whole experience that made my heart heavy- was realising the zip was broken. Like proper bung. I quickly weighed up the options in my mind and swiftly went for the one that involved getting the zip re[placed when I got it home. I wouldn't go as far as saying that this made the dress a bargain per se- but it definitely was one of my favourite frocks from this shopping expedition.

Among many many great things about this frock is the accessorising options. With all those colours to contrast the bright blue there is no shortage of possibilities for hair flowers and shoes. In this photo I have gone for yellow- but it could just as easily been red, orange or green.

The only other thing this dress needs now is a large cocktail with a little paper umbrella in it.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Anchors Away!

I am quite fond of shoes. You may have picked this already...

This is the 3rd (and final to be Frockstarred) pair that I bought in Melbourne. The Iron Fist Anchor platform wedges. There is a lot that I liked about these when I first saw them in store.

  • The red white and blue colour scheme will go with a lot of my outfits.
  • I like the blue and white striped fabric that is used that gives it a vaguely denim feel.
  • I like the peep toe with red bow feature. 
  • Lastly- I really like the anchor motif across the wedge themselves!

As a side note I apologise for my lack of posts over the last week or so. There has been no time to take any new photo's! (Hence my google image shot of these shoes...) Stay tuned and I will endeavour to fix this over the next few days.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Addams 2.0

Seems I have a few options in which to channel my inner Wednesday Adams these days... Thats ok. It's nice to have options!

This gorgeous little number is another Melbourne purchase from Dangerfield. Seriously NZ. Hurry up and get one here already! If my track record for spending in there is anything to go by- I could almost keep it afloat myself...

Its simple and quite effective I think. A black polka dot shift with ruffle along the bottom and nicely topped off with a white collar and button feature. I have also matched it with a white Alannah Hill bow for my hair. I thought maybe I should have a few hair accessory options that aren't all flowers. Mixing it up and all that.

This dress has not yet had it's first NZ outing- but I did wear it while still in Melbourne. In fact- I wore it to possibly the best show I have seen all year. (And trust me- I have seen some epic live music in 2010!) It may not be everyone's cuppa tea but I definitely recommend you check this out and keep an open mind. Watch the video then imagine 8 of these guys in their matching suits on stage in Melbourne's beautiful Forum Theatre. It blew my mind I can assure you. There is not many things that can beat a great live show- but a fantastic new frock to wear to one is a sure fire way to make a great show even better!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Petrel Party Dress

 I bought a lot of party dresses in Melbourne. It obviously means I will need to go to more parties to wear them all.

This is another purchase from the Dangerfield/ Alannah Hill factory shop on Brunswick St. It was a particularly good shopping day that one. I think I managed to clock up about 7 dresses in 1 afternoon in fact! Not a bad effort at all.

This dress has a few points of interest. One such point is the sweetheart neck and keyhole feature on the front. Another is the full skirt that is just right fro a black crinoline to fit underneath.

Another feature that really drew me to this frock is the keyhole motiff being continued on the back. It is an unusual keyhole in that the top part has 3 tiny buttons too. It sits quite low down the back for a feature like this.

Last up is the fabric itself.  This shade of blue is one that I refer to as "Petrel". Kind of an understated bluey grey. I am also fond of the irregular dark grey flicking pattern. It reminds me of oil splatter. All this on a beautiful smooth satin.

On another note- today is Frockstar's 1st birthday. 365 days, 181 posts and 12925 hits later- and it's still going strong. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and giving me a thinly veiled excuse to buy more dresses.... It has been a Frocking good year!

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pink and Purplaid

Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours. Tartans originated in woven wool, but now they are made in many other materials. Tartan is particularly associated with Scotland. Scottish kilts almost always have tartan patterns. (Tartan is also known as plaid in North America, but in Scotland, a plaid is a tartan cloth slung over the shoulder or a blanket.)

How about that.

Plaid, tartan, checks.. whatever you call it I am quite fond of this pattern. I am also quite fond of the use of it in this double breasted dress. The style is actually quite unusual in a frock. Double breasted lends itself more to a style of jacket or coat than a dress. I think the neckline on this particular outfit is quite flattering- and I also quite like that it has small epaulettes there too.

The colour scheme is quite cool. I like that it will be bright enough to lift black tights boots and a cardi too. It has a nice mix of crimsons, pinks, violets and purples to brighten any Winter day.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Criss Crossed

I don't care what anyone says. I liked shopping in Target. (again- pronounced Tarzshaaaay for full effect) Its not exactly high end frock shopping - but there were some good styles in store and the novelty of not having one in NZ seems to go quite a long way also.

This strapless number is criss cross mish mash of hot pink, cornflower blue, indigo and white on a black background. It also has a slightly uneven pleated feature on the front that is hard to explain (or photograph evidently) It also boasts a subtle sweetheart neckline and white zip feature up the back. (I forgot to photograph this but i'm sure you can imagine it)

There is certainly no shortage of shoe options available here. I have chosen my purple and black TUK heels fro this shot- but could team with pink peep toes effectively. I would also not hesitate to wear this with black tights and boots and cardi if its a little colder.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Carnations, Broccoli Or Mice?

This is another Dangerfield purchase. I will refrain from again mentioning how much I love that store and ponder why they do not have one in NZ. Lets take that as read shall we.

This dress is so nice to wear. It is 100% polyester but feels like silk. Wearing white or light colours has always been a little dangerous for someone like me. The lighter the colour- the higher the chance that I spill my coffee, breakfast or lunch down the front of it. I have amazingly managed to get through an entire day wearing it without marking it so far! (touch wood)

The photo doesn't really do it justice- but it has a really cute rounded collar. More easily spotted is the nice red sash tie for the waist.

The pattern on the fabric is presumably modelled after carnations. I actually thought at first glance it was more like broccoli and my brother thought it was more like mice. Guess there are some active imaginations in my family...

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Black Strapless With Iron Fist

You cannot go past a good black strapless frock. Timeless, dressy and so versatile. This particular one was an absolute steal. It came from Valley Girl and I took it home for a bargain price of $20AU.
The picture doesn't really do it justice- but there is a huge bow feature on the front that really appealed to me. Gave it a little extra something something. A simple sweetheart neckline and we're away!

One of the best things about a simple black dress is the option you have for accessorizing. Today I have opted for the "Oh No"  heels in the Iron Fist range. This beautiful example of art for your feet comprises of a neon green, purple and black colour scheme with squid tentacles and eyeballs. Heh.

I have been lusting after the Iron Fist shoe's online for months now. The only thing that has stopped me from buying a pair earlier was committing to one pair! I have had my eye on a few styles that I may still yet try and track down. This pair is particularly cute. But then so arethe turquoise wedges here.  And I have always had a soft spot for the "Wolf Beater" heels. I actually tried to buy them while I was away but alas. Not in  my size. As soon as I have picked my absolute favourite pair I think there will be an international shoe order going through!

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ruby Red Satin with Skull

While I try very hard not to- I do manage to slip into "Uniform Mode" from time to time. Historically this has usually encompassed some highly versatile "can be worn with everything" piece. I haven't been a jeans kindofa girl for a very VERY long time- so my last 3 uniform pieces have consisted of varying styles of denim skirts. They certainly fit the uniform criteria in that they go with everything.

I decided it was time to update my denim skirt and get one in more of a pencil style. The one I bought was from Australia's finest- Target. (I prefer to pronounce it Tarshaaay) It was exactly what I was looking for and definitely didn't break the bank. Double ticks all round.

I have found myself wearing more and more red over the last few years. It has never really been a colour I have gravitated towards but maybe it just got better with age. (like me!) This jacket appealed for a few reasons. It was cheap. $49.00 in the factory store on Brunswick St that I keep mentioning. It is also a beautiful shade of dark ruby red in satin- so it has that vague "Grease" feel to it.  Who didn't want to be a Pink Lady when they grew up?

I'm sure it is also no surprise that I was drawn to the embroidered skull with snake running through its eye sockets.  I was even considering getting my name (Fliss, Felicity, Spar Kill or Sparky) embroidered on the other side. I'm not completely sold- but it does tie back into my Grease Pink Ladies childhood fantasies....

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

And Again...

This dress is the same dress as my previous post. And the one referenced within that as well. I was going to wait and space them out a little but decided I would go for immediate continuity instead.

A "Revival" brand little number from Dangerfield- this one was purchased at full price right before I found the factory shop. C'est la vie.

I have worn it with a red crinoline which sits quite low but gives it a nice red band at the bottom that way.

The fabric reminds me a little bit of a 50's tablecloth or tea towel. A great cross hatch background with posies (or are they tree's?) in vibrant red, green and navy on a white background. Gives me options for co-ordinating later I think,

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fascinating Black 50's Frock

I try to not be one of those people who buys the same dress in all the colours available. Hey- I said I TRYIt doesn't happen often but it has been known to happen on occasion. I now own 3 of this particular dress.  (one more yet to be posted)

It really is an awesome cut- and I am obviously a sucker for anything I can thrown a crinoline under.  Being black this one is also ultra versatile so I think I have suitably justified it.

I found it in the Factory Store from a few posts back. (Dangerfield, Alannah Hill etc) and scored it for a very reasonable $60.00.  I had a split second in the changing room where I seriously contemplated not getting it as I already have 2 in the same style but then I turned back into the Fliss you all know and walked it on up to the counter.

In this pic I have teamed it with my new Alannah Hill fascinator. It essentially consists of an over sized black velvet bow and black netting highlighted with orange, red, pink, yellow and blue pom poms. A nice feature piece when worn with the right outfit. I think it works quite well with this one in fact. The original price tag on said fascinator was $89.00. I took it home for $16.00.  I would have been silly not to ... right?

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Squiggle Frock

One of the most amazing vintage stores I have ever had the pleasure of visiting has to be the Lost and Found Market on Smith St in Meblourne. It is a literal maze of clothes, shoes, furniture, bric a brac, jewellery, games, books.. you name it. All across a multi level warehouse of awesomeness. It really is the kind of store that deserves at least an hour to make sure you havent missed anything. I don't get sensory overload often in shops- but this one is a high risk store for being totally overwhelmed. Having been here before I was suitably psyched up and ready to peruse.

I bought 2 dresses from Lost and Found that day. This great little number being one of them.
A 70's era white shift dress with a collared feature and covered in navy blue squiggles. Simple yet very effective.  

I have teamed it with red peeptoes and belt. I think that this  is a combo I will stick with for future wearings too. The style of the dress itself is a little flat when not cinched in at the waist. I know I can also go with a blue or a white belt- but I do like the additional contrast of a 3rd colour.

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