Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Racey Lacey

Guess where I got this corset from! No really... guess!

So it probably goes without saying. But I will say that I paid a sweet $3.00 for it. Heh.

It was originally sold in Portmans. A nude coloured strapless top with a black lace over the top and finished off with a black satin band and bow. All up I think it is quite classic..

I have worn it with my ever versatile black pencil skirt and black patent peep toe wedges. (Together they are a great foundation of a multitude of outfit options)

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Hello Sailor

This top - predictably- came from the School Fair I cannot stop talking about...

Red and white stripes with a red banded V neckline t-shirt. I'm not much of a t-shirt girl really but this was too nautical to pass up!.

Especially when you wear it with denim hot pants, a red satin neck scarf, red peeptoes and my PCR All Scars Sailors hat!

There is a definite nautical sailor theme creeping into my wardroom these days. It has been brewing for a while now. I am confident I could almost do an entire week of Sailor themed outfits. I won't though. I would get bored with navy blue, red and white after a few days. It's much easier to appreciate that theme when you delve into it occasionally.

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A li'l Japanese

This one time- I went to the Cornwall Park School Fair- and then had to talk about it in all my Frockstar posts cause I bought so much stuff there....

This skirt screams Japanese School girl anime. To me at least. Loud and clear. Grey and black plaid with button detail and a faux lace hem. It's quite high waisted - and a good length too. I have teamed it with black tights and top, and grey woolen platform boots.

These boots were a great find on trademe. They cost me an incredible $9.00 and are as light as a feather. I do not run the risk of anyone calling my twinkle toes in a hurry though. My flatmate has asked on a few occasions now how I manage to be the smallest person in the house and manage to make the most noise when walking around it. I don't call it stomping. I call it walking with purpose...

This is possibly the most Wintery outfit that has featured thus far on Frockstar. It does get me quite excited about the upcoming cooler months. Not only will I get to start wearing my favourites in a large collection of Vintage coats- but I know I will rediscover long lost items in the wardroom that gave way to Summer dresses back in October.

(I originally had a pair of black ear muffs on for the photo but it was too hot to wear them long enough to get a good photo. I imagine there will be an earmuff special at some point to make up for it...)

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Red and White Stripes

I know I have already mentioned the bag 'o' bargains I picked up at the school fair yesterday. I am still quite pleased with myself so am going to just go on ahead and mention it again. There.

This dress was one of said bargains. I think I ended up getting this one for about $4.00. It was actually the very first thing I picked up in the clothing hall. I thought it was too small so put it back. Miraculously nobody else picked it up to buy before I came back to the rack and grabbed it on my way to the counter. Turned out to be maybe even be the score of the day. Yusssssss.....

I was even happier with it once I got it home and realised it can fit a crinoline petticoat underneath. I pulled out the drawstring from the waist to use as a headband - and added red peep toes and a wide red belt with bow at the back.

Bordering on over co-ordinating again I know- but still totally worth it!

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

An Outift To Fair

I have been looking forward to today for weeks. Today was the annual Cornwall Park School Fair. These guys sure know what they are doing!

It is the most well oiled machine of a primary school fair you can imagine. This is only the 2nd year I have gone- but I am a convert for life. Every class room has it's own theme of wares. There is an electronics room (today I bought a retro Sanyo Memo Scriber for $2. Admittedly I know not how to use it or even exactly what it does but aesthetically it is amazing) bric a brac room, separate class rooms for children's and adults books, white elephant stalls all the way around the pool and of course the clothing takes up the entire school hall.
Myself and my fair compadre Ruby Disaster were there 45 minutes before it actually opened this morning. I wish I could say that it was intentional but sadly for us I got the date wrong for the First Scene Garage Sale and we missed it by about 24 hours. Therefore we went straight out to Cornwall Park.
So anyway. We were damn early but we were definitely not alone. We queued up next to the hall to get the first dibs on clothes when the fair opened- and by the time 10am hit and the doors officially opened we were part of a rush of people about 50 deep. It was a good day to be a derby girl. Staying low and occasionally hipchecking anyone that got too close. (we actually didn't need to but we spent a bit of time eyeing up our competition just in case...)

It was totally worth it. 20 minutes or so in the hall left me with a bag of clothes I could hardly lift and my wallet $45 lighter. I think I managed to score 9 tops, 3 skirts, 5 dresses and 2 scarves. Oh. And a zebra hood and tail that was possibly made for someone under 10. (I pretended I wasn't buying it for myself)

The outfit I chose for this yearly event was mainly for comfort reasons- although I like to think it gave me enough of an edge that any overly conservative school Mum's would give me a wide berth. (For the record I'm reasonably sure I don't scare anyone...)

I went for a grey marl off the shoulder rainbow glitter cobra top matched with denim mini, leggings, silver reebok high tops and yellow snakeskin sunglasses. I was happy with the outcome of both the outfit and my rummaging expedition!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Monochrome and Floral

I miss Auckland having Spacesuit. If anyone knows anyone who has anything to do with the Wellington stores- can you please let them know I need them back in my neighbourhood. I promise to spend lots of money there at regular intervals. Especially if they re-open in the original K Rd store which happens to be right across the road from my house. Thanks.

This dress was bought from the Wellington Spacesuit that also is no longer. (The James Smith's building branch in fact) It was 2006 and I was in Wellington for The Dresden Dolls. I had seen them the night before in Auckland and was tapping into my inner 13 year old fan girl to follow them to Wellington too. I'm really glad I did.

A vaguely 70's floral print in black and white with quite an unusual (and subtle) neckline. It is semi elasticated and sits well ever so slightly off the shoulders. It is a really nice cut- and I always regretted not buying the same style in another fabric at the same time. Always the way isn't it.

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Nouveau Bogan

It is kinda bogan.. but not without it's charms.

Purple shiney nylon is an intersting choice for the main fabric of a frock. The desiginers of this dress not only went with that- but also added lace panels, a corset back and a faux tulle hem. All quite brave choices I think.

I remember this dress passing through my bogan radar when I first saw it in one of those asian clothes stores that turned into a franchise and spread through malls all over Auckland. It was about $130.00 which is a much higher price tag than I thought it deserved. Less than 3 months later I found it for $11.00 in the recycle boutique. Ha.

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Grey Mandarin

Maybe the title of this post doesn't quite do the dress justice. Grey mandarins are usually the ones you find at the bottom of the fruit bowl that you run the risk of inhaling if you get too close. So don't think of those now that I have put that image in your head. Thanks. I 'preciate it.

I have had this dress for aaaaaages. I was living in my first flat which was a really long time ago. I also wore it to my cousins 21st. Sadly- that is a reminder that that is also a very long time ago.

It isn't on high rotation these days- but it makes its way into my workplace from time to time.

I don't know if this could be seen as culturally insensitive- but I always wear mandarin collars with my hair up and chopsticks. That's not wrong is it?

The chopsticks have actually also been around a very long time. My parents got them as a wedding present but they have been living with my hair accessories now for the last 15 years or so!

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Purple Paisley

You gotta love a good 60's shift frock. They are pretty versatile overall. They work in Summer- and you just need to throw them on with tights, boots and a cardi for Winter.

Minor length issues aside (it is quite short... no bending down in this one!)- I really like this dress. It has been around for close to 8 years now and has had a great deal of wear in that time.

I seem to have a bit of a soft spot for paisley. This was is particularly awesome with its purple and dusk pink colour scheme.

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This outfit can also be known as "extreme colour co-ordination and the line you should never cross" or "what I would wear if I was a women's soccer player in the 70's". Both of them fit pretty well I think.

The dress is an original 70's tennis dress bought from a garage sale a few years back. The over jacket/dress was a gift from a friend a few years later. I like to imagine that the very original shop window display for these garments featured them together. How could these pieces NOT have been made for each other?

All topped off with red and white sports socks, red leg warmers, and black and white chucks.
(I actually felt bad that I didn't have a red and white pair of Adidas shoes... Finishing with Chuck Taylor's made me feel a little mean)

Just for the record- I have never actually worn this outfit in this particular combo. That isn't to say I won't- although anywhere that isn't derby training is unlikely to see me in all my Adidas red and white glory.

Speaking of derby and the associated outfits... I am off to derby bootcamp in T minus 5 days. Camp basically consists of 160 derby girls from all over NZ and Australia going to New Plymouth for 4 days of extreme training with some American coaches. To coin a Scheisse Minelli phrase- I am pants shittingly excited!

So now I have to put together 4 days worth of derby outfits. Arguably this would be less difficult if I didn't have a deep seated need to have matching socks and frilly derby knickers for as many outfit combo's as possible... A little redundant when you are going away for extreme exercise I know- but it will make me feel so much better!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hello Kitty In Green And Yellow

It's been a while since I really made the most of a ridiculous training outfit. This week that part of my brain decided it was time for a comeback!

I have a weird obsession with Hello Kitty. I was starting to accumulate a pretty decent collection of random Hello Kitty related "things" before I realised it was quickly getting out of hand. I am really good at collecting stuff. Like REALLY good. Once my brain was tuned into looking out for things with that mouthless cat on it- I understood just how much Hello Kitty related collateral there actually IS out there! A slippery slope for someone like me. I have now limited myself to only buying the particularly obscure Hello Kitty related items. Among my favourites are toilet paper, vitamins, wind up racing H.K's on horse backs, a rubiks cube and water cooler. Although that gets used as a gin dispenser on my watch...

I was pretty happy to find this 70's original Hello Kitty singlet with a big green and sparkly feature on the front. It's like it was made for me! Now I needed to work a skating outfit around it...

This singlet was either made for a child- or someone much shorter than myself. Not being one to wear a crop top as such- this was easily combated with a white singlet to layer.

I decided that green, yellow and white was a good colour combo that I had not really attempted before- so started with green long training socks over yellow fishnets under a green flipped ra-ra skirt and topped off with the singlet. I kinda felt like I was channeling a Japanese teenager supporting an Australian sports team for a while- but it was still worth it!

P.s. My favourite part about the whole outfit is the Japlish on the front. Sweet and sour Seasoning you say....

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Belated St Patricks Day News...

I won the best dressed green competition in my office on St Patricks Day.

Seriously though- why would anyone even contemplate competing with me in 1.) a dress up at work competition and 2.) said competition that revolves around the colour green!?!

The outfit has already been posted about so you wont get to see the whole ensemble- although I think it was these shoes that put me over the edge....

These shoes came from the Paper Bag princess on K Rd. They are a pretty good example of the universe conspiring against my best intentions actually.

I have a friend that works in this store which is dangerous and awesome in equal parts. One Saturday morning I had just finished telling my boyfriend that I was going to be good and save my money and not be too frivolous with my spending on clothes, shoes and accessories. I swear - no sooner were the words out of my mouth when I got a text telling me that there was an amazing pair of green nautical shoes in store that I just HAD to go and look at. Now how am I expected to be good when I get texts like that?

Turns out they fit me perfectly- and given that they cost less than the sushi I buy for lunch they were fairly easy to justify...

Bright green shoes are great. Especially when you throw in a T - bar and some white nautical themed anchor and ship patterns all over them!
I wore them for the first time as part of my St Patrick's outfit extravaganza. I received a lot of great comments about them - and they helped me win chocolate for being the best at wearing a lot of green. Ha.

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Avon Calling!

I would have been a great Avon lady in the 50's. Especially if it meant that I got to dress like this everyday! (And just quietly- who wouldnt be excited about social house calls with endless cups of tea and home baking while talking about make up?)

This little number is a NZ made Eastex original. I have attempted to research this particular brand as I have a few pieces now from their company- but there isn't a lot of info out there...

A dark cornflower blue 3 piece suit in wool with a cream fur collar. (Ermin? Ferret? I don't actually know the origins of this part of the garment. While I do not necessarily condone wearing fur I appreciate that items like this were produced in a very different time....)

It's been a while since this suit saw the light of day. Unfortunately for me- a family of moths decided it would make a decent dinner in the last few years. This has made the collar molt, and there are a few big holes in the jacket. It is actually very sad...

The outfit originally came into my possession from "Princess Nicole's recycled Wardrobe" on Dominon Rd circa 1999. I think it was around the $60.00 price range- although an outfit like this will always be more of an investment than anything else.

Jackie O- eat your heart out!

NB- I am now officially on the lookout for a pill box hat to go with this suit!

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I realise I may be on my own on this tangent- but I have always liked the weathers slow decline from Summer into Autumn into Winter. There are not many things I love more than brightly coloured vintage Summer dresses- but my Winter wardrobe is pretty stiff competition. I predict a lot of posts about fabulous vintage Winter coats in the coming months- but to start off the slide into the cooler weather I thought today would be a special post about poncho's.
Poncho's are as amazing as they are ridiculous. And possible the most comfortable thing to wear on a cold day. I liken it to being able to wear a nana blanket out in public- and you can disguise a multitude of sins underneath the billowing shape too.

I like poncho's so much that I have a mini collection of them! (I guess having 4 of something makes it a collection anyway...)

Poncho number 1 is the one that gets the most wear out of ALL of them How could it not being all green and white and tassely? It's like wearing a hug.

Poncho number 2 is admittedly very similar to number 1. Blue and white and tassely...

Poncho number 3 has gone with more of a crocheted pattern through it. Red white and blue always feels a little American so I guess this can be "Poncho Americana".

Poncho number 4 is less of a wearable blanket and more of a piece of art. Sadly its colour scheme looks awful with my skin tone- but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate it's amazing-ness right? I love the pattern combo of zig zags and stripes first up. The colours are all in an earthy tone- and would look fantastic on someone with olive skin and dark hair. (My pasty face just gets washed out wearing it! )

It's already quite incredible as a whole garment- but its the finer detail that gets me really excited. The knitted ends of the drawstrings are like woolen burger rings. Wow. I wish that I looked better in this poncho. I would seriously be wearing it all the time!

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pink Party Frock

Baby pink is not a colour that I have ever really gravitated towards. even as a little girl my pinks needed more substance. You know? Shades of deep maroon, cerise and hot pink were always a little cooler than keeping to the pastels.

In saying that I did have a slip in my colour preference when I purchase this particular pink number. t is the palest pink ANYTHING I own. (other than the perfectly matched hair flower of course) As far as girly dresses go - this may be the epitome.

So moving along from the colour- I really like the cut of this frock. Strapless is always all good by me. Especially with a sweetheart neckline, Throw a bow in the middle for good measure and the add a bubble hemline to give it an additional point of difference. Mix it all together and you have yourself a great party frock!

I must admit I did feel a little like I was 5 years old and on y way to a birthday party wearing it tonight. I'm not one to surpress my inner child at the best of times so I think maybe I'm ok with that.

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quite the Break

So I haven't update this page in AGES and I'm sorry. Due to technical difficulties and extreme busy-ness directly followed by extreme tiredness Frockstar has unavoidably taken a back seat. I will endeavour to keep to some kind of regularity. I promise!

The good thing about taking a break from this blog has been that it has made me aware of how I was letting it take over my wardroom pickings. By this I mean that I was starting to get a little weird about not wearing the same things twice. Even I know that this is not a healthy way to look at getting dressed everyday!

So anyway. Break is over and it's time to start churning out the posts again. For the "welcome back" outfit- I have chosen a dress that is bordering on being too big now. Hoping to keep it this way so figured I should feature it while it is still wearable.

Black and red is an easy colour combo. Starting to creep into my outfits quite a lot in fact. The red in this dress is really only used to highlight in the trim and buttons- but it is enough to really lift the cut of the design.

Today I have teamed it with red peep toed heels and a red crinoline petticoat.

This dress came form the "Paperbag Princess" which boasts that nothing in store is over $20.00. It's a promise they have no trouble keeping- so they have had no trouble retaining my business. This is one of many bargains I have liberated from this store over the years- and it cost me a grand total of $15.00. Score.

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