Thursday, July 15, 2010

Army Picnic Coat

This coat is quite possibly the warmest coat I own. A simple woolen duffle coat in army green but the best part has to be the lining.

This coat is lined in what feels like an old school picnic banket! Plaid. Fluffy. Awesome.

Nuff said.

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Leopard Coat

When I was about 15 I was my cousin's bridesmaid. It wasn't a conventional wedding. It was in a cave on a beach at dawn. I wore black. We all had candles instead of flowers. We came out of the cave as the sun was coming up. She had pictures taken in the water with a leopard print coat over her wedding dress. I thought it was the most beautiful coat I had ever seen- and made it my life's mission then and there to make sure I had one of my own one day....

I have had this coat for about 13 years now. I think everyone needs a good leopard print coat in a flattering cut. Fluffy and kitsch- but somehow still timeless.

In this photo I have teamed it with a black pencil skirt, black open toed wedges, a red hair flower and a red patent handbag.

This coat boats 3 buttons, a tie in the back to pull the waist in just enough, a dark chocolate brown collar and cuffs combo- and sadly a ginormous cigarette burn on the front.
I foolishly lent it to the most accident prone person in the universe. I should have known better. This girl was the kind of person who could destroy clothing like nobody else I had ever met. To this day I cannot remember why I let her wear this precious item of mine. There may have been alcohol consumed before she asked me but even then- my decision to lend it to her is still unforgivable. I will never forget that gut sinking feeling of absolute horror as I walked outside a bar in time to watch her set my beautiful coat on fire with her cigarette as she was wearing it. She didn't even notice it had happened. I never really forgave her for this travesty- but she was cut out of my life for other reasons about a year later anyway. I didn't have to pretend I was OK with it for long at least.

At least it almost blends into the pattern of the leopard print....

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Green Sequins

This gown was made for me waaaaay back in high school. I wore it to my 7th form ball in fact. Lets not dwell on exactly how many years ago that was. It was quite a few now. That's all you need to know.

Green and sparkly has been on my hit list for quite some time it would seem. I had a vision of 40's glamour with a hint of "Jessica Rabbit" when I was describing how I wanted this dress to look. I may not have the bust to pull off her exact style- but I still went with the split up to mid thigh.

This shot shows this dress worn with long green gloves and silver mary-janes. On it's original wearing it was teamed with black gloves, mary-janes and a black feather boa.

Obviously not a dress that gets a lot of airtime these days- but it will always have it's time and place....

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Pin Tucks And Pearls

I'm not going to lie to you. I have never worn this dress. Not even once. In fact- I have a funny feeling I didn't even try it on when I bought it- so this shot may have captured the only time it has ever been on my person EVER.

It's not that I don't like it. I think it's quite awesome actually. It's just not the kind of dress that I can wear to work, and it hasn't really fit any of my social activities either. I guess I bought it as a future dress up project and that particular theme has still not showed it's face.

There are a lot of great things about this frock. I love the turquoise colour. I love it's pin tuck detailing on the bib, and I love that it has it's own pearls sewn around the neckline. That is 3 really good features as far as I'm concerned.

I think I have pinpointed the 2 features stopping me from getting this out more often.
  • The sleeves. They are weird. Short sleeves that are almost bell sleeved but end up just being kinda gapey. Not overly flattering.
  • The length. I have no problem with a great long 70's frock- I just find that I am way more likely to wear one that is short or at least knee length.
These factors are making me wonder if this dress needs a bit of a "Fliss over". Get rid of the sleeves completely and lift the hemline. The more I consider it the more I think it may have to be done.

My track record for actually getting around to dress altering isn't amazing. I have a rubbish bag stashed behind my coats that is full of dresses that need adjustments of some description. I may even have to dedicate a post to before and after shots. Maybe that is the motivation I need to actually get them fixed!

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Best. Jumper. Ever.

You may have read the word "favourite" on Frockstar a few times before. It is a word that I tend to throw out often because to me "favourite" doesn't always have exclusive connotations. I can have lots of favourite things and the level of sub categories these can fit into is nothing short of mind bending. I use the word to describe the preferred item of anything I have any more than one of. This jumper would easily fall into my "favourite 70's knitted jumper with Nordic design detailing" category- but I would also tentatively out it out into my favourite jumper. Full stop. It's a big call but one that I am prepared to stand by.

I have had it now for almost 15 years. I bought it from the Red Cross Op Shop on Mt Eden Rd on an op shopping day with a good friend of mine. I was thrilled when I first saw it. That initial wave of excitement you get on an op shop find especially is a great feeling. If you could bottle it I would be taking daily doses.

I had no cash on me when I found it- so needed to duck out to the money machine. Meanwhile my friend I was shopping with was horrified at my choice of purchase. To the point where she decided she wasn't a true friend if she let me buy it. (bless her! ) While I was out getting the cash - she surreptitiously hid it under a pile of linen in the hopes that out of sight out of mine would be enough to stop my purchase. Obviously it didn't- and all these years later I still can't look at it without smiling.

Aqua, poo brown and white is an unusual yet striking colour combination. Thick and woollen. Tried and True. This jumper will be hard to knock off it's place on the top spot that's for sure!

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Green Knitted Dress

Frockstar has changed the way I dress and look at the options available to me. In the first few months I found myself not wanting to wear anything that I had worn and blogged about already. It all had to be different- and it all needed to be photographed the day I was wearing it. Thankfully I work much smarter than that these days. I have been using this blog as a way of rediscovering long lost items in the wardroom as well as using it as a testing ground for outfit combinations not yet worn. This particular dress has never been worn and I thought I would test it out here. It's one of those outfits that you kind of almost like- but aren't totally sold on it. It has it's selling points but something about it falls a teeny bit short of the finish line.

It is forest green and knitted. Hand knitted by the looks of it. It has a lighter dappled green around the arms, neck and this is carried into the drawstring detail at the waist as well. I would pick it to be 70's but it could have stemmed from the early 80's too.

It's warm. Like really warm. I like that it can be worn with tights, boots and a long sleeve top underneath and it has a pinafore kind of feeling to it this way.

I think the length is what is keeping me from committing to liking it. It is right at that length where I cant tell if it's crossed the line and residing in frumpy. If it isn't quite there- it is dangerously close. Feel free to let me know which side of the fence you think it falls on by the way... I have officially opened up the concencus lines on this one. (and this one only! haha)

In closing- the jury is still out on whether or not this outfit will actually be worn. I think I like it a little bit more after seeing it in this context- but confidence is always the key to a great outfit. If you are unsure or doubt the outfit choice you won't ever be able to carry it off. Having that self doubt over my head based soley on clothing choice has been known to ruin an otherwise great day.

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Black Dress with Bow (and secret green)

This dress was bought in the Rainbow op shop on K Rd a few months back for about $3 from memory. Originally it was from Glassons of all places. I would like to think I'm pretty far from being a clothing snob- but to be honest I usually stay away from "The House Of G" unless I am buying plain cardi's or singlets. No disrespect meant to anyone who shops there- I just find the whole concept of the mass produced clothing lines is something I have grown out of over the years. In saying that- if I like something I don't care where it is from. Having a Glassons label wont' stop me from buying it. It didn't this time either....

An empire line on a dress can be a hard thing to pull off. I find that they can occasionally give the illusion of pregnancy which isn't what most women are looking for in a frock. This one is more flattering than most and has a few nice details that sealed the deal for me. (other than the cheaper than a cup of coffee price that is!)

I'm a sucker for bows and it has one in the middle of the empire line. Good start. Above that it has some amazing pin tuck detailing. Capped sleeves are always pretty flattering- and it has those too. Already all this would possibly be enough to convince me a purchase is imminent but there was one more detail that appealed to me. The overall dress is black until you get up close. It is actually a floating black chiffon over a sea green satin slip. This creates a really nice shot through the colour from certain angles.

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Rainbow Ski jacket

This is a jacket that I always want to work into more outfits. It is actually my ski jacket. Not having made many trips to the mountain in the last few years has meant it hasn't made it's way out of the far corners of the wardroom for some time now.

The 80's had some great ski and apres ski wear. So great in fact that some friends of mine used to hold an annual event that was essentially a very well organised, weekend long, 80's ski wear dress up party held at a lodge in Ohakune. "Snow Glam". Awesome concept and very well executed. The weekend included a welcome night disco, snow activities during the day (races, jumps, toboggan's etc) then on the Saturday night- the fashion show. This group of friends have turned the average dress up party into an art form. 1 outfit per party just will not do. No- to really do a dress up party right you need to have multiple costume changes over the evening.

Sadly - Snow Glam has been shelved for the last few years as the organisers are no longer in NZ to put them together. I am holding out for a reunion weekend at some point in the future though.
Snow Glam 2007 may have even been the last time I got to wear this jacket!

80's red puffer jacket with rainbow detailing features in blue, yellow and orange. when actually wearing it on the mountain I have some electric blue pants to complete the look. If I was to actually wear it in the city I would probably wear it with the denim skirt and blue hightops shown in the photo.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yellow Featured Asian Top

Usually when I buy a new item of clothing I am so excited about it- I want to incorporate this into an outfit as soon as possible. Sometimes the item will get lost in a pile of new things. (like my swag from the Cornwall park school fair!). Sometimes I won't have quite the right outfit to fit it into- so will need to source more items. I have been known occasionally to own an item for quite some time before it gets its "maiden voyage" wearing. Like this top. It has been kicking around in my possession for about 6 months and technically has still not even had it's maiden voyage wearing!

I love this satin top. I really do. The Asian style detailing. The floral pattern. The bright yellow. It has a lot going for it. What I have found out the hard way is that navy blue is a very difficult colour to co-ordinate in a top. The easy option is to go as I have done with black. The trouble with pairing navy and black together is that while they are different colours they are still very close on the spectrum. They don't feel like they are different enough to be worn together I think. On the other end of the scale- wearing it with a dark denim is too similar in colours and also not different enough. This theory has made working an outfit around this top a long and painful process.

I think that I finally have settled on an outfit that works. The saving grace to me is the flower and the shoes. By making yellow more of a feature - then the navy/ black combo doesn't feel quite so out of place. (although the black tights make it make a little more sense)

Now that I have an option of how to wear this outfit-typically it is too cold to work it into my rotation this week. Go figure. At least it will be ready to go in that brief seasonal time where it is still cold enough to wear tights- yet warm enough to have short sleeves. This window of opportunity is estimated to make an appearance in early October- and with my luck will last for approximately 3 days.

(NB- Something about this Asian style on tops or dresses always makes me feel obliged to wear my hair up for some reason. It always looks better. )

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Robin No Hood

Green felt has a certain association with it. If you were a child of the 70's or 80's you may think of fuzzy felts. You may also think of pantomime versions of Robin Hood. I think of both of these things with this stunning 70's cape. But like the title suggests- it's more Robin NO Hood.

Forest green with buttons detailing. This cape sits a little higher than the last one I blogged about- and it does give the overall look an interesting shape.

I stand by my earlier prediction of capes making a come back. I will personally be attempting to bring them back into a higher rotation and will lead by example.

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Turquoise Check Coat

I know I have mentioned on numerous occasions how much I like Spacesuit- but you might have forgotten so I feel obliged to mention it again.

I love Spacesuit clothing. Real heaps. Here are some of the reasons why.

  • A lot of it is sourced in Asia so a lot of their styles have that quirky feel to them.
  • They usually keep the lines on a smallish scale so you can still feel like you won't run into another 20 people wearing the same thing.
  • Best of all- the prices are not through the roof so it won't break the budget to buy a few items at once. Lucky that- as it is so far away I try and stock up when I am there. (As previously mentioned- it is way too easy to self justify additional expenses when it comes to fashion!)

This coat was purchased in the good ol' days when Spacesuit was still a staple on K Rd. It checks all the right boxes (and a couple extra) for a great Winter coat. Good colour. Great pattern on the fabric. Flattering cut. (neck line and waist line in fact) Feature in the style. The feature being the patterned bell details on the end of the cuffs. A nice addition to really set it apart form any number of cost living in the wardroom....

So to summarise this fabulous item- turquoise and black checkered dress coat with belt tied waist and gathered bell cuffed detailing. Perfect.

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Supermarket or Nurse?

I always thought this dress had some distinct "Supermarket" flavours to it- but every time I wear it I get called a nurse.

I never had a supermarket job when I was at school. I did work in a fish and chip shop for a while. I had to wear a fluoro orange polo shirt. I would have much rather worn one of the New World turquoise smocks- but they didn't pay school age workers as well. I always wondered if I was subconsciously making up for my lack of supermarket career starter with this dress...

This aqua dress has been around for a long time now. I have had it for almost 10 years now- and it has been on steady rotation for the majority of that time. It is pretty verstaile in that it can be work on it's own in Summer- or teamed with tights, boots and a cardi in Winter. I do like a good "span the seasons" frock ...

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Flissmas Bomber With Birds

"Red and green should never be seen" is how the old phrase goes. The person that came up with that gem has obviously never heard of Christmas...

I don't think anyone can wear red and green together and not feel festive. I can't anyway.
This bomber jacket was purchased for those festive feelings in fact. It was an accidental find on trademe a year or so back. Another one of those purchases where you end up paying more for the postage than for the item itself! The jacket cost me a sweet $2.50. The postage was about double that. Totes worth it.

My favourite part about this jacket is the detailing in the bird embroidery. I like that it carries on through to the back of the jacket too. They may be cranes- but my knowledge of birds is a little rusty to tell you the truth.

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Khaki Woolen Winter Coat

I have a lot of coats. Not as many as I do dresses- but the coat section of the Wardroom can certainly hold it's own. The green sub-section of the coat section is actually quite extensive in itself. Here is a nice warm example....

Army green. Khaki green. Olive green. whatever you call this particular shade- I have always thought it is a great Winter colour. Throw in a light grey fluffy collar feature and you are really cooking with gas.

The collar on this coat takes up a lot more space than other fluffy collars I have come across. Starting at the neckline (where collars usually do) it swoops all the way down to the shoudler line.

Sadly the moths in my old house took a bit of a shine to this coat. There are a few patches where you can see it has become a meal and a half for some fashion struck moth. The holes aren't so bad as to render it unwearable- but enough to be annoying. Not much consellation- but at least they had good taste!

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Green Sparkly Jacket

I have often wondered if it is fate that will step in and lead me to find certain garments. I have found items that are so perfectly tuned to my tastes and style that I genuinely start to think I must have a guardian shopping angel leading me to them directly! I admit that it is maybe slightly more likely to be coincidence. And even more likely to happen given the frequency that I am out looking for clothing bargains....

This jacket could have been made for me. An original 70's garment. Kermit green with a gold sparkly floral motif and covered buttons with looped feature down the front. Woooooow.
(best read with your very best inner Flavour Flav accent...)

While the magnificence of the fabric is very hard to capture in a photo- I think this one gives you a pretty good idea. Sheer awesomeness!

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Pink Jingling Hippie

Some days wardrobe inspiration will start from the ground up. This outfit is one of those. Dusky pink long slouch boots aren't overly versatile in that they can only really be worn with very specific colour combinations. This pink 70's hippie inspired outfit is possibly my favourite outlet for this great pair of boots!

The top is a really light muslin cloth. It has a faintly floral feel to the pattern but if you look closely it is technically more paisley. It also is quite musical in that it jingles. Yes. Jingles.

It's neckline boasts a couple of totally useless pieces of cord that are reminiscent of a drawstring. Yet they aren't. They just kind of hang there. As far as I can tell the only reason to even include them on this top at all is so the hippies that wore it could have something to attach the tiny bells to. That's why it jingles.

I bought this top as part of a 2 piece. Oh yes. It has a skirt in the matching fabric. I'm sure you can imagine what that looks like. Flowing and even more hippie like with matching bells on the waist line. I have not ever considered wearing the skirt and top together. I have not even really considered wearing the skirt on it's own. I tried it on a few times and figured the bells would drive me crazy. They are much louder than the top....

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70's Plaid Cape

Look... no hands!

I predict a grand comeback of the cape. I have a couple of them hanging out in the wardroom- and I feel as a garment in general they haven't been particularly well utilised in the last few years.

The main difference between a cape and a poncho is that a cape will have holes for your arms to go through. A poncho will not. I am unsure if this is a technical official difference between these garments- but my dealings with them over the years has led me to believe this to be true.

This particular cape is an original 70's one. Bright blue and green plaid with a rounded collar and great big shiney feature buttons. Aaaah.

I have a cape in mind that I really want to add to the wardroom. This would be a very simple task if not for the fact that it didn't exist soley in my head.... I will continue on my mission to find it before I start describing my fantasy garments. You can see the pic when it becomes a reality.

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